Influencer marketing has become one of today’s hottest marketing avenues. This also holds true for the blockchain industry where blockchain YouTubers and influencers provide marketers with direct access to active digital currency users.

In this guide, you will discover the best blockchain YouTubers and influencers that you could potentially partner up with to promote your blockchain venture.

Company Name Description Years in Business Number of Subscribers Total Views Twitter Followers Authority Score
Suppoman Suppoman has a large following due to his fun and easy-to-follow coverage of the blockchain sector. He also offers Udemy courses on various topics related to the digital asset industry. 8 142000 14285325 94600 5 5.0
Ivan On Tech Ivan On Tech has a background in software engineering, which is instrumental to his thorough breakdown of the technologies utilized in the sector. He is well-respected and regularly speaks at blockchain conferences. 6 196000 12704280 26000 5 4.5
Box Mining The Box Mining channel focuses on investing in the digital asset markets. It releases videos daily and has an active following across all platforms thanks to the high quality of its content. 2 192000 12991691 79600 5 4.0
Doug Polk Crypto Doug Polk publishes videos covering news, market trends and other relavant information. He is also the co-founder of CoinCentral. 3 194000 9114790 127000 4 4.0
Crypt0 The Crypt0 channel is the brainchild of L.A-based Omar Bham. He is a respected thought leader and has daily live streams focusing on all areas of the digital asset sector. 8 118000 10341814 35000 4 3.5
Chris Dunn The Chris Dunn channel is geared towards ‘wealth generation’ through investments in the digital currency market. He has built a good reputation for himself because of his seemingly transparent nature. 10 204000 6724572 48600 2 3.5
Crypto Bobby Crypto Bobby creates content focused on current events and how they play into the digital currency market. He has a background in enterprise tech and showcases in-depth knowledge of the technology underlying the sector. 2 139000 7044871 54200 4 3.0
Ian Balina Ian Balina is a former IBM analyst who now devotes much of his time to providing information on investing in digital assets. He is well known for his ‘token metrics’ method and has been featured in a number of mainstream media outlets such as CNBC. 5 115000 4886535 145000 3 2.5
Decentralized TV Created by Peter Saddington, Decentralized TV is a popular channel due to its high production quality. The channel has a wide berth, covering news, investing, mining and crypto culture. 2 79000 10087815 6850 5 2.5
The Chart Guys The Chart Guys used available data to analyse the digital currency market. They create charts and use them to suggest what they consider to be the best investment choices. 5 115000 9388192 2169 3 2.5
Louis Thomas Welsh Content creator Louis Thomas publishes videos covering current events in the blockchain sector. He also divulges his investments in altcoins and how he thinks they might perform over time. 4 95000 6484265 26800 3 1.5
Crypto Bud Dominic Leung is Crypto Bud. The former Wall Street equity research analyst provides content focused on market trends and investment tips. 4 75000 3210945 0 2 1.5

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