The rise of digital currencies and blockchain technology have created a thriving blockchain media industry that covers the latest developments in the world of digital assets and decentralized technologies. These media outlets also provide blockchain startups with the opportunity to gain exposure in the bitcoin community through advertising and sponsored content.

In this guide, you will discover the best blockchain media companies you should consider reaching out to if you want to spread the word about your blockchain project.

Company Name Description Launch Year Alexa Rank (Global) Number of Backlinks Twitter Followers Reputation Score
CoinDesk Digital Currency Group-owned CoinDesk is one of the leading media companies in the blockchain industry. CoinDesk provides both news and informational content since 2013 and is widely considered as the go-to site for up-to-date coverage of current events in the digital asset industry. 2013 6083 42550 779000 5 5.0
Bitcoin Magazine Co-founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has established itself as the leading bitcoin-focused news magazine in the blockchain media landscape. The BTC Media-owned publication covers current events surrounding the world’s leading digital currency as well as guides for those who are new to bitcoin. 2012 81216 847050 548000 5 4.5 Founded by “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver, has been one of the leading bitcoin and blockchain news publications until the bitcoin cash fork of August 2017. At that point, morphed more into a bitcoin cash advocacy platform than a blockchain news outlet. Nonetheless, the media company still provides news about bitcoin, altcoins and the blockchain industry and their implications on wider society. 2008 10866 22930 389000 3 4.0
Bitcoinist Bitcoinist is a popular bitcoin and blockchain news media platform that services over two million readers a month with its news articles, technical analysis, reviews and press releases. 2013 37285 272270 47400 3 4.0
CryptoCoinsNews (CCN) CCN is another leading digital currency and blockchain news media platform that provides up-to-date information and news about bitcoin, altcoins and the wider blockchain industry. 2013 1709 11920 205000 4 4.0
NullTx Founded in 2014, NullTx (formerly known as TheMerkle) provides daily news coverage of the most important events affecting the global digital asset markets. 2014 49894 89000 37600 4 4.0
CoinTelegraph CoinTelegraph has emerged as one of the most-read bitcoin and blockchain news websites since it launched in 2013. CoinTelegraph stands out with its entertaining, creative graphics and the sheer volume of content it publishes on a daily basis. 2013 3995 164310 443000 1 4.0
NewsBTC NewsBTC is a blockchain news media platform that provides news, reviews, chart analysis, and educational content. The platform also contains a directory of blockchain businesses and a list of bitcoin-accepting casinos. 2013 25066 4590 34600 4 3.5
Brave New Coin Brave New Coin is a data analytics and research company that focuses on blockchain technology and digital assets. Additionally, BNC also provides a high-quality news service where it covers current events in the digital asset market that are relevant to investors and industry leaders. 2014 143984 5890 35800 5 3.0
BTCManager Launched in 2016, BTCManager has established itself as a popular bitcoin and blockchain news media platform thanks to its daily coverage of current events, industry trends and technical content. 2016 95582 3400 25200 4 3.0
CoinGeek Founded in 2017 by gambling industry billionaire Calvin Ayre, CoinGeek is a news media company run by the digital currency mining pool with the same name. Notably, CoinGeek was a supporter of bitcoin cash until the bitcoin cash/bitcoin Satoshi vision fork in November 2018. At this point, CoinGeek turned into a promotional platform for bitcoin Satoshi vision (BSV) and, similar to, its bias shows in its content covering bitcoin-related topics. 2017 246890 101950 6510 2 2.5
Blockonomi Launched in 2017, Blockonomi has established itself as a go-to blockchain media platform for news, guides and reviews for the digital asset industry. 2017 56489 8110 6988 4 2.5
Blokt Founded in 2017, Blokt is a blockchain media company that covers “the latest in breaking crypto news, cryptocurrency guides and ICO analysis.” 2017 156031 7260 4385 4 2.5
Cryptovest Launched in 2017, Cryptovest is a blockchain news media company that focuses on the most important market-moving events that are relevant for digital asset investors. The platform also covers guides and reviews to help digital currency newcomers to enter the blockchain asset markets. 2017 130231 701 5838 4 2.5
CoinIdol CoinIdol is a blockchain news outlet that provides daily coverage of current events and market-moving news in the digital asset industry. 2016 149233 2800 2773 3 2.0
CryptoNews Founded in 2017, has managed to quickly establish itself as a respectable blockchain news outlet with its daily coverage of market-moving news as well as events surrounding the broader blockchain industry. 2017 100733 1300 3356 4 2.0
Trustnodes Launched in 2016, Trustnodes provides the “latest news on all things blockchain, ethereum, IoT, FinTech and bitcoin,” through daily news coverage of the most important current events that shape the digital asset industry. 2016 215187 325 3806 4 2.0

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