We’ve compiled a list of the best blockchain marketing agencies around the world to make finding the right firm for your project easy and fun. Our custom scoring system ranks agencies on a 0-5 point scale based on several categories that indicate trust, transparency, and quality.

Company NameYear EstablishedNotable ClientsKey ServicesNumber of EmployeesSocial FollowingScore
Crowdcreate2014Champions, Divine Anarchy, Effort EconomyFundraising, social media, ICO & NFT marketing, web3 marketing43LinkedIn: 1,437

Twitter: 3,747

Facebook: 3,333
Big Leap2013AVIS, Spoonful of Comfort, PurpleSEO marketing, content marketing, reputation management, paid advertising127LinkedIn: 2,379

Twitter: 1,614

Facebook: 1,327
Blockchain PR Buzz2015Dice, Cryptelo, MonoretoICO marketing, paid campaigns, fundraising6LinkedIn: 946

Facebook: 7,735
Ninja Promo2017Bitforex, It’s Contagious, NDAXInfluencer marketing, video production, web design, email marketing106LinkedIn: 4,120

Twitter: 3,760

Facebook: 864
Crynet2016Polymath, CoinMarketCap, EtherscanMedia buying, investor relations, production strategy4LinkedIn: 4

Twitter: 43
Inbound Junction2014Kajabi, HubSpot, ExpressVPN, ExpediaBlockchain marketing, SEO, content management, public relations, influencer marketing28Twitter: 1,485

LinkedIn: 955

Facebook: 176
Market Across2013Crypto.com, Huobi, SkrillPublic relations, SEO, content marketing, reputation management29Twitter: 686

LinkedIn: 617

Facebook: 71
7 Marketz Group2010Auto Block, SprintX, Trusted HealthDigital marketing, content production, data analysis32LinkedIn: 1,582

Facebook: 781
Belkin Marketing2007NAGA, Bancor, Investing.comContent marketing, DeFi marketing5LinkedIn: 3003.5/5
ICOadmin2017RAWG, Mandala, box2tableSmart contracts, DDoS protection, web hosting7Facebook: 4403.5/5
Key Difference Media2008CoinMarketPlus, The Times of India, BancorContent marketing, influencer marketing, public relations, media buying10LinkedIn: 45
Allied Block2017Bepp, ArtToken, PanniMarket research, user testing, code development2LinkedIn: 42

Twitter: 65
ICODA2017Huobi Global, Prime XBT, PaycentWhitepaper development, blockchain development, client acquisition28LinkedIn: 397

Facebook: 123
PToken2017Upbots, Credefi, Symbiosis financeFundraising, community development, token sales7Twitter: 59

Facebook: 1,011
TokenSuite2017Verasity, Efinity, Vent, BiconomyCommunity management, guerilla marketing, growth hacking campaigns61Twitter: 8433/5
ICO Agency2017RightMesh, CoinPayments, OMBYSBrand development, growth strategies, web development, lead generation1LinkedIn: 45

Twitter: 84
Crowdwiz, Envion, WePower
Team training, product development, workshops6Twitter: 382.5/5
Flexe.io2017Nexum, Next Earth, Mute, EdgecoinSocial media, airdrop promotion, community management34Twitter: 4,543

Facebook: 6,756
ICO Service2017MobileGo, Golos, Deutsche BankToken launch development, community building, ICO marketing3LinkedIn: 17

Twitter: 3,286
CoinPoint2013888 Poker, America’s Cardroom, BetChainBlockchain consultation, brand development, business development, sales strategies3Twitter: 444

Facebook: 685

LinkedIn: 702

CrowdcreateCrowdcreate logo

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto and NFT marketing and advisory service trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. The firm has raised over $250 million for 500+ client projects.
Year established: 2014
Notable clients: Champions, Divine Anarchy, Effort Economy
Key services: Fundraising, social media, ICO & NFT marketing, web3 marketing
# of employees: 43
Social following: Linkedin: 1,437, Twitter: 3,747, Facebook: 3,333

Big LeapBig leap logo

Big Leap is an award-winning digital marketing agency founded on trust and focusing on relationships. The firm specializes in SEO and reputation management. It also provides digital marketing services designed for sustainable business growth and profitable results.
Year established: 2013
Notable clients: AVIS, Spoonful of Comfort, Purple
Key services: SEO marketing, content marketing, reputation management, paid advertising
# of employees: 127
Social following: LinkedIn: 2,379, Twitter: 1,614, Facebook: 1,327

Blockchain PR BuzzBlockchain PR Buzz

Blockchain PR Buzz helps young businesses build on their crypto goals by making them cognizable to target markets. PR Buzz also maintains enterprise reputations amongst all their stakeholders.
Year established: 2015
Notable clients: Dice, Cryptelo, Monoreto
Key services: ICO marketing, paid campaigns, fundraising
# of employees: 6
Social followingLinkedIn: 946, Facebook: 7,735

Ninja PromoNinja Promo

This company drives all aspects of SMM strategies by setting up disruptive techniques through content production, effective community management, and influencer marketing.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: Bitforex, It’s Contagious, NDAX
Key services: Influencer marketing, video production, web design, email marketing
# of employees: 106
Social followingLinkedIn: 4,120, Twitter: 3,760, Facebook: 864

CrynetCrynet logo

This company seeks to establish entertainment formats that will make consumers completely fall for an enterprise’s products and services. Crynet aims to bring high levels of emotion to all the content it creates.
Year established: 2016
Notable clients: Polymath, CoinMarketCap, Etherscan
Key services: Media buying, investor relations, production strategy
# of employees: 4
Social followingLinkedIn: 4, Twitter: 43

Inbound JunctionInbound Junction

Inbound Junction focuses on both content and affiliate marketing for its clients. The team is composed of ex-journalists, editors, content strategists, and CMOs of former startups and establishes PR strategies designed to deliver solid results.
Year established: 2014
Notable clients: Kajabi, HubSpot, ExpressVPN, Expedia
Key services: Blockchain marketing, SEO, content management, public relations, influencer marketing
# of employees: 28
Social followingTwitter: 1,485, LinkedIn: 955, Facebook: 176

Market AcrossMarket Across

This company is a leading PR media group in the fintech and blockchain spaces. The firm works with several high-profile blockchain clients and offers end-to-end marketing solutions for crypto-based companies to help them engage with community members.
Year established: 2013
Notable clients: Crypto.com, Huobi, Skrill
Key services: Public relations, SEO, content marketing, reputation management
# of employees: 29
Social followingTwitter: 686, LinkedIn: 617, Facebook: 71

7 Marketz GroupMarkets Group logo

7Marketz Group is a multi-brand media holding company. The firm has fostered a wide network of connections and offers expertise that can make any crypto company bigger and better. The company’s focus is go-to-market strategies, blockchain, and AI solutions.
Year established: 2010
Notable clients: Auto Block, SprintX, Trusted Health
Key services: Digital marketing, content production, data analysis
# of employees: 32
Social followingLinkedIn: 1,582, Facebook: 781

Belkin MarketingBelkin logo

This company performs audits of company marketing systems to develop unique brand voices for all its clients. It also establishes full digital marketing strategies from scratch and focuses on lead generation, content marketing, and sales funnels.
Year established: 2007
Notable clients: NAGA, Bancor, Investing.com
Key services: Content marketing, DeFi marketing
# of employees: 5
Social following: LinkedIn: 300


ICOadmin is an innovative tech company that offers legal consulting and smart contract development. The team is made up of professional marketers, account managers, and blockchain experts that work to bring each client a unique and positive experience.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: RAWG, Mandala, box2table
Key services: Smart contracts, DDoS protection, web hosting
# of employees: 7
Social following: Facebook: 440

Key Difference MediaKey Difference Media Logo

Based in Hong Kong and India, this company works with fintech and blockchain projects to help them reach their hard caps.
Year established: 2008
Notable clients: CoinMarketPlus, The Times of India, Bancor
Key services: Content marketing, influencer marketing, public relations, media buying
# of employees: 10
Social following: LinkedIn: 45

Allied Block

As an end-to-end blockchain firm, the company strives to deliver the best blockchain solutions to companies across the globe. It works with both startups and large enterprises and helps them integrate blockchain technology into their operations.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: Bepp, ArtToken, Panni
Key services: Market research, user testing, code development
# of employees: 2
Social followingLinkedIn: 42, Twitter: 65

ICODAIcoda logo

ICODA works to deliver crypto leads at all stages. From crypto creation to general listings, the company provides high-level assistance and advancement opportunities for blockchain enterprises big and small.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: Huobi Global, Prime XBT, Paycent
Key services: Whitepaper development, blockchain development, client acquisition
# of employees: 28
Social followingLinkedIn: 397, Facebook: 123

PtokenPToken logo

With offices all over the world, this company has raised more than $600 million for more than 120 blockchain projects. The company offers seed funding, whitepaper development, and press relations services.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: Upbots, Credefi, Symbiosis finance
Key services: Fundraising, community development, token sales
# of employees: 7
Social following: Twitter: 59, Facebook: 1,011

TokenSuiteToken Suite Logo

This firm works as a blockchain incubator to build, market, and innovate new solutions in the blockchain space. Thus far, the company has helped over 300 clients. The team is composed of several early blockchain adopters throughout the world.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: Verasity, Efinity, Vent, Biconomy
Key services: Community management, guerilla marketing, growth hacking campaigns
# of employees: 61
Social following: Twitter: 843

ICO AgencyICO Agency logo

This digital design agency is tailored to both startups and established blockchain firms. The company utilizes the services of entrepreneurs, designers, and marketers who work to get token sales off the ground.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: RightMesh, CoinPayments, OMBYS
Key services: Brand development, growth strategies, web development, lead generation
# of employees: 1
Social followingLinkedIn: 45, Twitter: 84

HypergrowthHypergrowth logo

This firm focuses on developing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company is composed of marketers, analysts, and entrepreneurs that establish ROI-focused campaigns for new crypto enterprises.
Year established: 2016
Notable clients: Crowdwiz, Envion, WePower
Key services: Team training, product development, workshops
# of employees: 6
Social following: Twitter: 38


This company has served more than 300 unique clients and provides nearly 40 separate marketing services. It was recently voted the number one blockchain marketing agency by IcoHolder.com and Moonrate.io.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: Nexum, Next Earth, Mute, Edgecoin
Key services: Social media, airdrop promotion, community management
# of employees: 34
Social followingTwitter: 4,543, Facebook: 6,756

ICO Service

This company’s team is composed of software developers, many of whom have been working in the industry for more than ten years. The firm has worked with startups and large companies all over North America, Europe, and Asia.
Year established: 2017
Notable clients: MobileGo, Golos, Deutsche Bank
Key services: Token launch development, community building, ICO marketing
# of employees: 3
Social followingLinkedIn: 17, Twitter: 3,286


CoinPoint works with small and large businesses in the blockchain and crypto spaces. The company has offices in both Asia and Europe.
Year established: 2013
Notable clients: 888 Poker, America’s Cardroom, BetChain
Key services: Blockchain consultation, brand development, business development, sales strategies
# of employees: 3
Social following
Twitter: 444, Facebook: 685, LinkedIn: 702

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