When you need quality articles for your website, email list, newsletter, or another purpose, you need a dependable article writing service for the job. We’ve reviewed several such services over the last few months, and today we’re taking a look at ArticleBunny, a relative newcomer on the article-writing scene.

Catch up with our reviews and rankings of top article writing services, then join us as we take a look at number three on the list.

What Is ArticleBunny?

ArticleBunny provides article writing services.

Your writer may or may not have a pipe.

As the name implies, ArticleBunny is an article writing service that connects companies and clients with qualified writers. It’s easy to sign up for a free account, after which you can place orders for individual articles. If you need more than one, you’ll create additional orders so that writers can fulfill them.

The same team that created VoiceBunny — a voice-over artist marketplace — is responsible for ArticleBunny. It’s called itself the “Uber for article writing,” and according to its About page, it only accepts a small percentage of the writers who apply, which suggests high standards for content creation.

How Does ArticleBunny Work?

The ArticleBunny article writing process.

A look at the process.

After you sign up for an account with ArticleBunny, you can create an order for an article. The service offers three different ways to solicit content: Speedy, Contest, and Booking.

A speedy article means that you submit your order, and writers can claim it on a first-come, first-served basis. You might establish requirements for the writer, such as a certain amount of experience or a specific rating. After the writer completes the assignment, he or she submits it for quality assurance approval, after which it’s delivered to you.

A contest works differently. You create an article brief, after which Article Bunny invites writers to submit their pitches. You can select the pitch that appeals to you most, and the approved writer will complete the assignment.

Alternatively, you can create a booking. This means that you select a writer from the talent pool and invite him or her to complete the assignment.

How Much Will You Pay Per Article?

Writers at ArticleBunny set their own rates, after which the company adds a percentage as its commission. Writers offer articles at rates ranging from $0.02 per word to more than $2 per word. You can pay very little for an article, but the content might not prove as well-written.

What Do Previous Customers Say About ArticleBunny?

As a relatively new service, ArticleBunny hasn’t amassed as many online reviews as some of the other article writing services on our list. Writing for ProductHunt.com, Guillermo Díaz S. says, “Great service and fixed costs. Pretty awesome.”

Other clients have commented favorably about ArticleBunny’s speed, high level of customer service, and excellent writer quality. Choosing the best writer for the job will ultimately impact your experience with this service. If you opt for a writer who is willing to work for low rates, you might experience some disappointment.

What Other Services Are Available?

ArticleBunny offers a few extra services to enhance your experience. For instance, you can subscribe to the company’s “content automation” program, which means automatic posting of your content and other perks.

The company also has editors and quality-assurance experts on staff, which means a third party takes a look at your content before you see it. You can leave reviews for writers based on your evaluation of the content quality.

What’s the Bottom Line?

ArticleBunny isn’t as established as some of the other article writing services we’ve reviewed. The company promises speed (often delivering articles in fewer than 24 hours), so this might be the ideal choice if you need an article written fast.

Now that you know more about ArticleBunny, you can make a more informed decision about the article writing service you choose. If you’re in the market for well-written articles at reasonable prices, we’re here to help. Learn how our service works and take place of our free trial.