AI Ideas for Fintech Businesses (+ Idea Generator)

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For marketing managers in the fintech industry, figuring out how to integrate AI tools into your website is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created this guide.

We’ve helped many fintech businesses like yours accelerate their growth by creating AI tools that can increase time on site, improve customer engagement, anddrive more leads and customers.

In this guide, our Media Shower team of AI experts has created ideas for custom AI applications for the fintech industry. Contact us to inquire about building them for your website.

How to Use Our AI Generator

To get great AI ideas for your fintech business, just tell it about your product or service. Remember: the more information you give it about your product or service, the better the ideas you’ll get.

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More AI Ideas for Fintech Businesses

AI Investment Volatility Indicator

Empower your clients with a powerful AI tool that gives them access to real-time volatility insights and adaptive investment strategies. Train the AI by inputting market data and investment information, and once deployed, it will provide insights into which markets may be volatile to help with future investment decisions.

Banks and other financial institutions can offer this AI tool on their website, where customer prospects can ask it questions like “What are the top five most volatile markets this year?”.

Qraft is an example of an AI tool that helps businesses and individuals make artificial intelligence-driven investment decisions.

Financial Inclusion AI Tool

A challenge for many businesses in the fintech space is to offer a product that overcomes the challenge of reaching underserved populations. You can train an AI by inputting demographic data and regional characteristics. It will then be able to offer your prospects ways to use your product to reach financially excluded groups.

Read more about financial inclusion in this article.

AI Transformation Guide

Attract more traffic to your fintech website by training an AI on digital transformation frameworks and best practices. Prospects can use this tool to develop tailored recommendations and implementation roadmaps to ensure a seamless digital transition for their business.

Once loaded to your website, you’ll attract a broad audience of businesses to whom you can cross-sell your fintech services.

Here is one AI tool that many businesses use for their digital transformation.

AI Facilitator for Global Payments

You can train an AI on international payment protocols and compliance requirements. Once transaction details and regulatory constraints are entered, the AI can suggest how to do cross-border transactions while adhering to international and local regulations.

Find out how AI can play a key role in global payments processing here.

AI Alternative Data Analyst

It takes time and resources for your clients to collate and assess alternative data sources manually. You can train an AI on predictive modeling techniques by inputting various alternative data sources. The output is an effective AI tool to provide your clients with actionable insights for credit scoring, risk assessment, and decision-making.

Databricks developed this AI tool to help their clients leverage alternative data.

AI Scalability Strategist

If you want a unique selling point to communicate to your potential clients, train an AI tool on scalability frameworks and efficiency optimization techniques.

You can then load this tool to your website or integrate it with your fintech products to offer both existing and potential clients a unique tool that can recommend scalable solutions to enhance operational efficiency and performance.

Look at RTS Labs, an Enterprise AI consulting company that developed an AI tool that helps businesses scale, optimize efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve.

At Media Shower, we’re the experts on using AI for marketing. Contact us to inquire about building these AI tools for your website.