AI Ideas for the Financial Industry (+ AI Idea Generator)

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So, you’re a marketing manager in the financial industry, and you’re looking to incorporate AI into the business. Where do you start? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our custom AI solutions, we’ve had great success in helping businesses like yours retain customers on their websites and increase their leads.

In this guide, our AI specialists have created ideas for custom AI applications for the financial industry. Contact us to inquire about building them for your website. 

How to Use Our AI Idea Generator

To get ideas for new AI tools that you can offer your customers, simply tell our AI idea generator below about your financial product or service. If you give it more information, it will give you more specific ideas that are tailored to your business.

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More AI Ideas for Financial Businesses

AI Market Volatility Analyst

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead of market trends is key. Thanks to AI, you can turn your website into a wealth of market information. Train an AI to interpret market fluctuations quickly and accurately, providing insights into market volatility. Clients can then use this tool to better understand the market and what can be expected.

Here is an excellent article about how AI can be used to analyze volatility.

Regulatory Compliance Advisor

As a marketing manager, how do you empower the teams in your business to ensure regulatory compliance? With AI, you can create a tool that simplifies compliance processes and effortlessly stays up-to-date with regulatory changes.  You can also train the AI to assist your clients with their questions about compliance with their policies.

Here is a company that uses AI to solve privacy regulation complexities.

Personalized Investment Planner

Every investor is unique, with distinct financial goals and risk preferences. You can train an AI to deliver personalized investment recommendations tailored to each client’s needs.

This is a handy tool for those visiting your website as they can enter their financial data and ask the AI to make investment decisions. The AI-powered planner will generate customized asset allocation strategies and investment suggestions. It’s a great way to open communication between your wealth management specialists and potential clients.

This article discusses how customized AI can be used for personal investment strategies.

Retirement Projection Generator

As a marketing manager, you can create an AI tool that can give your company’s clients calculated advice on a retirement strategy. You can train the AI to accurately project future income needs, estimate retirement expenses, and recommend savings targets.

Here is a great free AI retirement planning calculator that you can use.

AI Tax Planner

If you ask anyone on your client team, they’ll tell you how important tax planning is for their clients. You can help them by developing an AI to analyze clients’ financial situations and identify tax-efficient strategies, deductions, and investment opportunities.

Your AI-powered website will become a destination for anyone looking for tax advice, and you’ll enhance the value you provide to your clients and strengthen their financial positions.

PwC in the UK launched a tax tool powered by AI, which you can read about here.

Portfolio Risk Evaluator

With AI technology, your business can evaluate portfolio risk more effectively than ever. Training an AI on risk can analyze asset allocations, diversification, and historical performance data. Your company will then be able to implement appropriate risk management strategies for them.

Look at this tool by Magnifi, which many people use to analyze their risk.

Estate Planning Guide

With AI technology, you can simplify estate planning and provide personalized recommendations tailored to each client’s circumstances. By training AI on estate planning, you can create a tool that analyzes relevant factors such as tax implications and legal frameworks.

Appara is a company that uses AI to assist clients in their estate planning.

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