Part of getting more eyeballs on your blog posts and other content is by getting people to share them. But sometimes it’s challenging to figure out exactly what makes for shareable content. Use these tips to test out different strategies and see if you don’t increase your shares!

1. Start With Really Insightful Content

Okay, I admit: this is not a news flash. Any blog article about content marketing will tell you: write great content. And yet…there is so much content out there that is nothing more than recycled words of what everyone else is saying.

How can you be different? How can you be unique?

Write what no one else is. Admittedly, that’s challenging, given the glut of content on the internet. But you can take a topic others have covered and find new angles or opinions. What do you think about Topic A? What experience or stories do you have about Subject B? This personalized commentary will make your articles stand out.

2. Get the Ball Rolling

You should be sharing every piece of content you publish, and there are a few reasons why. First, it can introduce the content to people in your social network who wouldn’t otherwise have seen it. And second, it makes it even simpler for others to share it. How much easier is it to retweet or click to share on a social media post than to craft their own share from scratch? Make it effortless for others to share your content simply by starting the share for them on social media.

3. Ask Them To

Do you have a handful or more of loyal customers or business contacts? Do you think they would be willing to share content if you asked? Sometimes all it takes is asking.

Here’s an easy strategy: any time you have content you want shared, craft an email to send those all-star contacts. Explain what you’re looking for (to spread your content far and wide), and then include several pre-written social media updates for them to copy and paste. You can even use a tool like Click to Tweet, where you simply write the message you want shared on Twitter, and your contacts click the link to share it on their own accounts.

This strategy is especially good if you have a special promotion or event going on. Long-term, it might be a lot to ask of people to constantly share your content, though it could start a happy habit!

4. Use a Fun Graphic

Have you ever been on social media and seen a really fun image? The one that’s catching my eye on Facebook right now is this ad from with an old-school graphic of Wonder Woman. Every time I see the ad, I hear the Wonder Woman theme song in my head! People are drawn in by images, and if you use the right one when you share your content on social, you can boost shares.

Remember, too, to use engaging photos in your blog post, since those can also be used to promote your content share.

Getting your content shared doesn’t require millions of followers. It simply requires you to write valuable content and make it easy for others to spread the word about it.

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