Last week, Facebook users suddenly found their newsfeeds to be plastered with images of their friends as Peanuts characters. Thanks to a new website, Peanutize Me, anyone now can create a “Peanutized” version of himself, his friends, or even celebrities.

But the classic style created by Charles Schultz over 50 years ago might look a little different than you remember. That’s because Peanutize Me is a promotional web app from the creators of the upcoming 3-D animated The Peanuts Movie, opening in theaters November 6th (just a week after the Great Pumpkin visits.)

The Peanuts centers around a boy who can never do anything right, but in this case, Charlie Brown nailed it: The Peanuts-Mania on social media is a great example of successful content marketing.

Our CEO re-imagined as a member of the Peanut kids.

The Marketer is In

Content marketing is advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising. You want to attract customers by providing a useful service, whether that service is interesting articles, helpful tips, or a program to make cute Peanuts characters.

You help the consumer, and the consumer helps you. It’s a trick as old as Lucy pulling out Charlie Brown’s football, even if the internet is changing how you reach customers.

Call To Action

Good content marketing attracts customers and then directs them to do something. The instructions are simple: make a Peanuts character, share it with your friends, and hey, see The Peanuts Movie on November 6th.

The easy-to-use website allows you to pick a variety of Peanut-inspired hairstyles, facial features, clothing and accessories to create the perfect Peanuts avatar. You can then share the results to Facebook or Twitter, creating a link back to the site so your friends can give it a try.

Users get something out of following these simple steps: a fun image that taps into our nostalgia (and our love for selfies!)

This is the look of a girl who forgot her CTA.

Peanuts for Brains… or on the Brain

Sharing these images draws people to the site, but it also showcases the stunning 3-D art viewers can expect in the new Peanuts movie. In our fast-paced, visual driven web, we may not have time to sit down and watch the entire trailer for the film. In fact, a new trailer was released the same day as the website… but most people haven’t even see it. Thanks to Peanutize Me, our friends are creating a movie trailer for us. It’s been impossible to scroll down Facebook without seeing these images. The Peanuts Movie is on all our minds, like Lucy on Schroeder’s piano.

Peanutize Me demonstrates how providing interesting, free content can help drive people towards your product. Now we’ve all got a craving for Peanuts.

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