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Once you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve written hundreds, or even thousands, of articles and blog posts for private clients and marketing companies, you may frequently struggle to conceive fresh ideas for new content. This phenomenon, commonly referred to as writer’s block, happens to the very best of us.

If you’re currently going to through a bout with writer’s block, here are a few tips that will help you get your creative juices flowing.

Carry a Small Notebook

notebook and phone

Pick a small notebook that will be able to fit in your bag or purse.

Unfortunately, good ideas often come to people at the most inopportune moments. No matter how hard you try to remember these ideas as they come to you, chances are your mind will go blank as soon as you sit in front of the keyboard and monitor.

To make sure you have access to these novel ideas when you’re ready to start creating new content, you should carry a small notebook and a pen with you everywhere you go. That way, when an idea pops up in your mind suddenly, you can jot it down in your notebook before it disappears as quickly as it came.

Reshape Previous Ideas

If you aren’t able to come up with a completely new and fresh idea, you can still create quality content worthy of being read by picking an old idea and adding your own personal twist or by writing about the idea from a less common perspective.

You can refer to blogs, newspapers, magazines, and even your own published work to find ideas that you can reshape into new content. Of course, your personal twist or perspective should modify the original idea sufficiently so that your content doesn’t read like a rewrite. Don’t make the mistake of completely rewriting previously published content, as this is plagiarism pure and simple.

Combine Old Ideas


Two old ideas can combine to create something novel and exciting.

Yet another way you can come up with ideas for new content is by combining old, tired ideas to form innovative and new ones. If you can find a way to make a meaningful connection between two seemingly very different ideas, you can be sure the resulting article or blog post will pique the interests of your audience. A huge advantage of this strategy is that it will make it easy for you to come up with attention-grabbing titles and headings for the content.

Of course, you won’t always be able to combine old ideas to form new ones. Don’t try to force a connection between two vastly different ideas, because the resulting content will likely be convoluted and strange. Your readers should be able to clearly see the connection between the two contrasting ideas by the end of the article or blog post for this strategy to be successful.

As you can see, there are quite a few things you can do to get your creative juices flowing so that you can continue to create new content for private clients, marketing companies, or even your own website. If you’re interested in more tips that will help you advance your content marketing writing career, check out the Content Marketing Academy.