I am writing this as my dog is laying on my lap, and my feet are soaking in a massaging foot bath. Why? Because both of these activities help stimulate my brain. My dog and the pampering of my feet help me to relax and reduce stress. These things keep my mind open, and words continue to flow freely. These activities are just one way I avoid writer’s block. Following are more ways that require little effort to conquer this dreaded obstacle most writers face.

Pets can help ease stress.


If you find yourself unable to type anything on your given subject, then do some good old-fashioned brainstorming. I like to leave my computer and sit with a pad and pen. I write everything that pops into my head on that sheet of paper. Everything includes ideas I may think to have nothing to do with the topic. If you plan to try this suggestion, keep your brainstorming session to approximately 10 or 15 minutes. Once you finish, analyze what you have written, and you should see some nuggets that will put you on the road to a well-written article.

This blank sheet is your canvas.

Change Your Scenery

Another great way to break the hold of writer’s block is to get away from your desk and change your scenery.

A walk in the park or at the beach or even in your neighborhood is a terrific way to remove writers’ block. This change of scenery helps your brain to relax and just flow. Enjoy your surroundings as you walk around, and do not purposely think about the article you still need to complete. In time, you will find that anything you push against, in this case, your writer’s block, will only become stronger. However, if you just let go of any negative feelings surrounding how you are feeling at that moment on the subject, you will then find the solution come to you. In some cases, it will happen so quickly and easily that it will feel like it happened through magic.

Take a Nap

Have you ever tried to remember the name of a movie or a song, but no matter how hard you try you just cannot remember? However, you go to sleep and then in the morning that movie title or song title is now readily accessible. This method sometimes helps me with writer’s block. There are times when I feel like I have no access to any words, or least not the right words. This usually happens because I am feeling overworked or rushed, and these are the times I choose to take a nap. In my case, I find that resting for 20 minutes is very rejuvenating. Taking a little sleep break gives my mind time to access parts of my brain that were closed off to me just a short time earlier.

Wake up words with a nap.

The suggestions above have all helped me when I have found myself confronted with writer’s block. It is my hope that you never find yourself in a situation where you are at a loss for words. However, if you do find yourself struggling to find the right words for a subject, then try putting one or all the above methods to your personal test.

Writer’s block never lasts forever. Check out these great success stories for proof of this fact.