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He was controversial and different. Allen Ginsberg certainly left his mark on the world with his unusual poetry and individual point-of-view. There is much we can learn about writing and content marketing from this unique and influential man; here are just a few tips!

Break the Mold: Allen Ginsberg was known for his unconventional way of putting words together, such as his way of formatting poems in very long lines. His willingness to experiment with words and form made him a stand-out poet and one to watch. When it comes to your own writing, you should not feel that you have to write every article in the same way or with the same format. Be like Ginsberg and experiment. Use different formats. Lists. Pictures. Short articles. Long articles. In terms of content, keep it interesting and you will also be keeping it interesting for your audience who come to read your blog and website.

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Don’t be afraid to be different.

Emphasize the Human: Allen Ginsberg was so unique because he wanted to create poetry that was relatable and easy to understand. He desired to break the formalities of poetry that only talked about nature or some faraway land. Ginsberg talked about his mentally ill mother and his love affairs. In this way, he made poetry more accessible. remembers Ginsberg for his most famous poem ”Howl” as an ”eye-opening work in its explorations of … anguish and social issues in non-traditional poetic form.” When you feel you are getting up in the clouds about some abstract concept, bring it back down to earth with a concrete story or example. This will serve you well in your content marketing because we also want a story we can sink our teeth into and understand. Your brand will also become more relatable.

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Write about topics that put a smile on your face.

Keep it Relevant: During Ginsberg’s time, there was unfair mental institutionalization and homophobia. Ginsberg spoke about all these issues in his poetry. He kept it relevant and spoke the issues that were on people’s minds. This helped him to build up his audience. According to The Academy of American Poets, Ginsberg ” … spoke openly about issues that concerned him, such as free speech and gay rights agendas.” Similarly, when writing, write about what is relevant today and issues that matter to people. When creating content, be aware of the new technologies, Facebook trends, and viral videos.

Know Your Audience: When Allen Ginsberg was performing his poetry in little cafes in New York City, he knew what his audience cared about. He wasn’t going to be reciting a poem about materialism to a room full of Beatnik hippies. When writing, know what your audience cares about and write about those issues. Content marketing requires you to know your audience as well. If you run a clothing business and most of your clients are plus size men in their forties, then make your content about how to dress professionally for men. Showing you are in tune with your clients will help establish a connection or in Ginsberg’s case, get you a standing ovation at a poetry cafĂ©.

Now that you have these four tips, you are well on your way to being a stand-out writer or content marketer. If you would like more information about how to improve your content marketing, you can download our ebook: 10 Content Marketing Companies Compared