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Do you want to make money from your content? If so, it’s time to let the audience take control. They need to tell us what they want, instead of us telling them. It is time for the audience to take the wheel. At this point, you may be thinking, “What do you mean they are going to drive my content?” Don’t worry; we’ll show you how it works.

What Is Audience-Driven Content?

We realized content needed to be audience driven a long time ago. As Internet users read content and then bounced from sites, we wondered what was making them leave. It’s obvious they weren’t getting what they wanted, but what did they want? That’s what propelled us to find out how to deliver not only good content, but effective content.

We had to put ourselves in consumers’ shoes. Since it’s impossible to transform ourselves into another person, the best we could do was use our imagination. We needed to imagine what consumers wanted online.

Learn What the Audience Wants Using Visualization

hands of imagination

When you can’t hold your consumer in your hand like this, use your imagination.

A great way to do that is to close your eyes. Visualize the consumer and morph yourself into him or her. At that point, think about what the consumer is doing online as it relates to the services or products being sold. This usually takes you down a path with many possibilities for content.

  • Why are the services or products valuable?
  • How can the services or products be used?
  • What are some questions about the services and products?
  • What can you expect from the seller?
  • What can be expected from the services or products?
  • Are there any guarantees?
  • What do other customers think about them?
  • How long do the products last?
  • How long do the results from the services last?
  • How much are the products or services?

These questions and so many others can be revealed simply by visualizing yourself as the consumer.

Use Google Keyword Planner for More Clues

Google Keyword Planner

Google wants to help you!

For additional ideas for what your audience is seeking online, conduct a keyword search using Google’s Keyword Planner tool. By putting in words that have to do with your products and services, you will receive many of the phrases your consumers are typing into the Google search engine. It’s a great way to make sure your content is reaching those who are using Google for research.

Social Media, Forums, and Q&A Sites Can Give You More Information

finding information

It’s time to tap into social media for consumer information.

Social media is yet another way to identify what your audience wants from content. Simply search for words that have to do with what you’re selling, and you’ll likely find people asking questions or making comments about it. You can then take those questions and answer them on your blog. You can even take complaints about products and services and address them in a blog post. This shows you truly care about your customers.

Forums and Q&A sites such as Quora are other gold mines for learning about what your audience is asking online. For example, if you’re selling Internet marketing software, you can visit the Warrior Forum and find many questions from members. All of those questions are perfect for blog posts because always remember what your grade teacher said, “If one person has a question, it’s likely someone else has the same one.”
Conversions Increase When the Audience Drives the Content

conversions chart

Wouldn’t you love to see your conversions chart look like this?

When you use your audience to create content, you end up giving them what they want, which is what boost conversions. Try the exercise and tips mentioned here to find a wealth of information you can use to publish effective content that will not only make your audience happy, but lead them right to you for a sale.

Does it sound too overwhelming because you’re busy running your business? We understand! That’s why we can help you with creating and publishing content that can increase conversions. Contact us now to learn how our service works.