Daydreaming about a blog writing service

You’ve signed up for a blog writing service: what should you expect?

Surprise! You’ve signed up for a blog writing service, but you feel like you’re on a first date. Will your writer fill your heart with joy, or will you feel underwhelmed? What will the content they produce look like? Most importantly, what job will this content do for your company? When you sign up to have someone else write blogs for your business, you should have expectations. Here’s what to expect:

You Should Be Able to Outline Your Expectations

You know what your business needs, but right now you’re not able to provide it. That means that you need to clearly outline your expectations to your content marketing service. These expectations could include a tone that speaks to your branding, the images that best suit your business, and the types of links and quotes that make you feel comfortable. Your company has a responsibility to outline these expectations clearly, and the content marketing company must ask the right questions and seek clarity in order to help you achieve your goals.

Articles need editing

Who’s your editor? Make sure that you have a team managing revisions for you.

You Can Expect Well-Managed Revisions

No one’s perfect, and even the best first date likely has some room for improvement. You can expect that at first, you may need to refine and define your expectations about content and style. However, in return, you also need to anticipate improvement. Your blog writing service should be able to quickly adapt to your desired tone and your specific content needs so that the content feels like it’s in your voice and exemplifies your brand. You should also get a deadline for revisions and expect them to be accomplished quickly so that your content continues to flow. Ideally, you’re in charge of article acceptance, but your article writing service should have an editorial team that can manage the fine details so that you don’t need to correct a writer’s smaller errors.

You Can Expect Timely and Consistent Service

Businesses love content, but what they love even more is content that’s delivered consistently and on time. A blog writing service should give you a time frame for your content so that you know what’s coming and when. You should be able to examine topics and request topics so that you can plan ahead for seasonal events or promotions. Service should be consistent and responsive so that you’re never left feeling alone. The best blog writing services are there to help you communicate your message to your customers consistently, week after week.

You Can Look For a Full Service Content Company

There are many writers who can deliver great content to your business, but to fully support your content marketing strategy, you need more than a writer. You need a team that will work with your business to articulate how content marketing plays a key role in helping your business grow. This team can take your content strategy from its infancy to completion, helping you with SEO, image sourcing, posting, and more.

You Can Anticipate Options That Fit Your Budget

Exceptional content isn’t necessarily cheap, and cheap content often is not exceptional. Remember that when you pay for a blog writing service, you’re paying for the whole package, from the detailed customer contact to strong editing to timely and consistent service. However, a truly great blog writing service knows that different businesses have different needs and budgets. You should be able to sign up for specific numbers of blogs that suit your needs, quantify whether or not you’re looking for photos, and understand what add-ons are available. A content marketing company will have different packages that suit different budgets, and it will be up front about the costs you’ll pay from the initial contact to the end product.

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