Apps come and go, but some spread their tendrils through the culture. The internet is mourning the loss of one of these: Vine. Beloved of meme-generators and internet stars, Vine was your 6 seconds of web fame. Whether it was a skateboard fail or a chance to promote your comedy routine, Vine’s short form videos attracted a wide audience that enjoyed this opportunity to create in miniature. Why is Vine dying, and will it grow elsewhere?

Video Apps Are Sprouting Elsewhere

Vine emerged in 2012, ready to transform video content with its quick video blurbs that were attractive to creative types and sports highlights. Today, other companies have taken up the short form video banner. These new apps simply offer more. Instagram video exists on an already-popular platform, allowing users to integrate their still photos and their video feeds. Snapchat’s short-form videos are also short-lived, appealing to teens and Millennials who like to send out video like they do texts. Snapchat has filters and voice calling, integrating other popular functions into the same app. Quoted in Campaign, Luke Townsin of Twitter states that a lot of the concern about Vine is “more nostalgia than actually being concerned at what’s happening to Vine.” Vine was the beginning, and creators have moved onto other platforms.

Challenges and Changes

Closing Vine may have something to do with the growing number of popular video apps, but it’s also connected to its parent company’s success. According to Venture Beat, Twitter is struggling with “layoffs and failed interest from potential buyers.” Periscope is Twitter’s new video darling, and it could be that its video content is a stronger addition to the Twitter platform. In February of 2015, Twitter acquired Periscope, an app that allows users to turn their mobile device into a live broadcasting station. The app combines a live video feed with Twitter social sharing, discussions, and feedback. Twitter has always had a more newsy, in-the-moment style than other popular social media platforms, and Periscope seems like a logical addition to its communication arsenal.

What’s a Marketer To Do?

Short form social media has a strong role to play in the marketing world. While long form media such as webinars and podcasts provide meaty opportunities to talk with and build a relationship with your customers, the short form video can act as a quick, visually-based way to send a message to your audience. Short form video isn’t dead: it’s just changing. It’s moving onto existing platforms, giving marketers opportunities to integrate their social media outreach. Facebook Live has done this with longer-form webinars, allowing Facebook users to integrate their webinars and their social media posts. Instagram is doing the same for short-form video, allowing users to add 15-second video clips.

Take a New View of Video

The move to Snapchat also highlights Millennials’ interest in treating video more like a text. For Millennials and those who are even younger, text and video are shared in the moment, then released. They’re not necessarily filing these videos away for future reference. They’re a method of instant communication just like a phone call was communication for previous generations. As you market to Millennials, remember that this instant communication works for them. Consider giving them behind-the-scenes video clips, live videos of product launches, and stories told in short video bites. Keep it casual and short, and live in the moment: those are some of the lessons that a move to Snapchat offers.

Is Vine Truly Dead?

Will Vine emerge somewhere else? The market for video is diverse, and there could be a niche for short-form, longer-lasting videos. Then again, if other social media platforms continue to add short-form video options, there may be no need for Vine to continue. Even if Vine doesn’t re-emerge, if you’ve relied on Vine to market your business, Twitter’s not shutting down the platform yet. They’ll allow creators to retrieve their content. Meanwhile, you can explore your options in the world of short-form video and see how new apps work with your business marketing needs.

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