We’re working through our list of top 10 article writing services, providing you with a detailed review of each company. We hope you’ll use this information to make an informed decision when you need a professional writer to create content for your company.

Today we’re looking at our number nine pick: SEO Article Writing Pros

This company was founded by Jason Clegg, an SEO and content marketing professional. The service allows you to order content in 100-word increments. The company provides blog posts, articles, press releases, ebooks, website content, and social media posts.

How Does the Process Work at SEO Article Writing Pros?

You can order content from the website’s home page.

If you want to hire a writer through SEO Article Writing Pros, you can fill out the short form on the website’s home page. It asks for your first name and email address first. After you provide it, you can select the number of articles you want, their word counts, and the level of service you desire (standard, premium, and copywriting).

When you click the Checkout button, you’ll be taken to another form that requests all of your contact information as well as your payment. You can pay by PayPal or with a credit card, depending on your preferences.

Unfortunately, you don’t get more detailed information before you pay for the content. This might put off some customers who want more details about the content procurement process.

How Much Will You Pay?

SEO Article Writing Pros charges based on the content level. Standard content costs $0.04 per word, premium content costs $0.06 per word, and copywriting costs $0.08 per word. In other words, a 500-word piece will cost anywhere from $20 to $40.

According to the website, you can receive a free custom quote, as well, based on your project specifics.

The choice is yours.

What Other Services Does the Company Provide?

On the SEO Article Writing Pros FAQ page, the company suggests that writers can perform keyword research for clients. Beyond that, there don’t seem to be any other services offered. Editing, proofreading, image procurement, publishing, reporting, and promotion will all fall on your shoulders.

What Are Customers Saying?

Previous SEO Article Writing Pros clients can provide their feedback, and the company publishes their comments and ratings on its website. Feedback ranges from two to five stars, with happy clients making comments like “So far so good” and “We have ordered for you before and will again!”

Clients who issued two- and three-star ratings were less complimentary. An anonymous customer says, “Could have been more interactive or suggestive,” while Rich notes, “The new site is confusing.”

Who Should Hire SEO Article Writing Pros?

It’s difficult to outline the pros and cons of this company because of the lack of information on its website — even for people who might want to place content orders. You might have better luck if you call the 800 number on the corporate website and speak to a representative.

If you’re willing to give the company a try without knowing who will write your article and whether they have experience in your industry, you might consider placing an order.

Stay tuned for the 10th and final review in this series. Once you’re familiar with the top 10 article writing services, you can make an educated choice.