Who doesn’t want to publish great content? It’s the perfect vehicle for getting noticed online, and informative articles serve as content’s backbone. When you need an article writing service to produce those articles, you can choose from many different companies.

To help you make an informed decision, we ranked the top 10 article writing services on the market today. We’re also creating in-depth reviews of each service so you can better understand what you should expect.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at iWriter, the number nine choice on our list.

iWriter Pros

You’ll notice right away that getting started at iWriter doesn’t take much time and effort. You simply create an account, request an order for an article, and wait to receive the completed article. You can either choose a writer from the pool or allow iWriter to assign one for you.

You’ll pay anywhere from $0.008 to $0.065 per word for an iWriter article. While this might seem like a great deal when you’re on a budget, it’s on the low end for freelance writers. This means that content quality might fall below your standards.

However, if you find a writer you like, you can continue to request articles from him or her. The company seems to focus on SEO-heavy articles around particular keywords, though you can specify what you want included in the article during the request phase. Additionally, you’re not obligated to pay for content that you don’t want to purchase.

iWriter Cons

We’re not enthusiastic about the deliverables from iWriter. These days, articles must contain dynamic content, from images and videos to screenshots and outbound and inbound links. iWriter delivers none of those things; you receive your article in text-only format, with no links, photographs, or other extras.

This pales in comparison to some of the top article writing services available, such as Media Shower. If you want to remain competitive in the online marketing sphere, you might want to look elsewhere for articles. Alternatively, you’ll have to add extras like links and photos yourself, which takes time.

What Customers Say About iWriter

Online reviews for iWriter prove extremely mixed. Some clients apparently love the service, while others warn potential customers away.

On SiteJabber.com, for instance, John S. calls iWriter a “[v]ery good service.” He goes on to say, “I order all my articles from here now and they all get done very quickly (usually no more than a day) and are totally unique! Great content for my website.”

By contrast, Tiffany Lambert of TiffanyDow.com reports that she didn’t receive unique content at all. In her review, she states that “[Her] main issue with being a buyer was that [her] content failed [C]opyscape.”

Other reviewers state that article quality can be hit or miss, even when ordering from the same writer. You only know the writer’s ranking in the system, so a new writer with no experience could offer excellent content, but an established writer who has pleased hundreds of non-picky customers might produce substandard articles.

If you’re looking for a more consistent article writing service, give Media Shower a try. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality articles, which are all written by professional freelancers and edited by experts. Request a free content marketing assessment to learn how we can better help you with your article writing needs.