Laura North is the baker behind the sweet toothed blog Baking in Pyjamas.

Writer’s block: what is this annoyance exactly and what on earth are we going to do to banish it? When it hits you it’s infuriating and frustrating. For me, when writers block occurs I take a step back and a step into my country cottage kitchen where I pull out a trusty recipe to start baking.

So What Really is Writer’s Block?

Everyone will have their own thoughts on what writer’s block is. However defines it as:

“usually a temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with a noval, play or other work”

coffee and cookie

Looks like fuel to us.

Now that we know what the fabled “writer’s block” is, how do we tackle it? Here are a few solutions:

Just Write, Write, Write!

We’ve all been there sitting at our desks, our cups of coffee going cold, fingers tap tap tapping away on the desk wondering what on earth to write. One of the many solutions to writer’s block is to just write. It doesn’t matter if it’s making sense, later on you can put it all together and into context, but for now just let the words tumble out. It’ll feel good and at least its a start.

Inspiration is Everywhere… Look for It!

Just look around, inspiration is everywhere! If something gives you inspiration then it’s might give you the words you’re so desperately after.

I’m a food writer, so I stay mindful throughout the year of seasonal produce. Certain fruits and vegetables only arrive once a year so it’s an exciting time for foodies like me when we see certain produce beginning to make an appearance.

For example, spying a punnet of sweet scented strawberries in early June, carelessly eating them without abandon propels me straight into the kitchen to bake. Creating a cake piled high with these succulent berries accompanied with lashings of whipped cream is enough motivation to start writing.

Remember: Nothing is Impossible

nothing is impossible

Write it out if you have to.

Writer’s block may feel like your article is never going to get written but that’s simply not the case.

Audrey Hepburn once said:

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself say’s I’m possible”

I truly believe that a positive mind relates to positivity throughout your daily life. If you can’t find the words that exact minute then go indulge in an activity that leads to what ultimately gives you inspiration. It’s never going to be impossible, it’ll always work out in the end and the ‘im’ will simply vanish.

Bake Yourself Happy!

Make something delicious

Always an inspiring thought!

Immersing myself in my favorite hobby is the best way to bring forth some inspiration and it helps the words start flowing. Rubbing together flour and butter in a methodical manner releases the pressure of having to write something, allowing the words to surface naturally. Engaging in a hobby takes your mind off writing and lets you de-stress.

Really, Just Go for It!

Finding what works for you is key. Baking and browsing the newest market stall produce is what usually works for me. And when inspiration is being a pain and I can’t think of what to write, I simply take the plunge and start putting pen to paper.

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