The blogging journey isn’t always smooth sailing. While it’s fun to crank out blog posts that make people marvel, it can quickly get frustrating when you bump into that wall, otherwise known as writer’s block.

All of that momentum then falls apart. The result is the desperate scramble for more blog posts ideas. The desperate scramble is a deadly combination of frustration and anxiety, and it is a scramble that no blogger wants to be a part of.

Luckily, you can avoid that scramble by becoming a pro brain dumper. Pro brain dumpers can crank out dozens of blog post ideas in just a few minutes, and while they may seem like magical super humans, pro brain dumpers are no more different than anyone else. They just know where to look for the ideas.

Read Other Blogs In Your Niche

The most common advice is to read other people’s blogs within your niche. This is advice worth taking because not only will you discover more blog post ideas, but you also get to learn more about your niche.

When you read another blogger’s content and want to get ideas, look at the titles of their blog posts and then read their content. You can slightly modify a title by adding, subtracting, or replacing certain words to create a different title. For this very blog post, “3 Ways To Become A Pro Brain Dumper,” you could easily replace “Brain Dumper” with “Pinterest User” thus creating the title “3 Ways To Become A Pro Pinterest User.”

Changing one word completely changed the entire direction of the blog post. Once the title offers you a blog post idea, you can then read the content and look for topics that you want to elaborate on. The point I am talking about in this blog post is about reading other people’s content. However, this blog post won’t go into incredible detail about the best ways to read other people’s blogs. Maybe you want to elaborate on that topic, and you come up with the blog post idea “10 Ways To Learn More By Reading Other People’s Blog Posts.”

Watch Other People’s YouTube Videos

The idea behind this method is very similar to reading other people’s blog posts. The difference is that you can listen and see a video versus just reading the text.

The only danger with exclusively reading blog posts is that some people tend to skim through blog posts. Videos on the other hand are more difficult to skim through, and there are plenty of 2-5 minute YouTube videos that provide enough ideas for over a dozen blog posts. Watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts related to your niche will give you numerous ideas to play with, but the third tip will give you a completely unfair advantage.

Go To Your Local Mall

Yes, you read that correctly. You might feel like the Kung Fu Panda when he realized the dragon scroll was blank. But just as there was a secret meaning behind the blank dragon scroll, there is also a secret meaning behind this tip.

You may go to the local mall to buy stuff. However, within your local mall are thousands of blog post ideas waiting to be discovered. If you go into the mall with the mindset of turning anything you see into a blog post idea, then you will be amazed at what ideas you think of. You simply look at stores and the products they sell. With a good enough understanding of the store and product, you can come up with numerous blog post ideas.

One of the stores in my local mall is the LEGO store. LEGOs are a building toy. Building also happens to be a useful pull-word for an attractive blog post title. With that one word, it is possible to come up with the idea “7 Steps To Building A Massive Social Media Audience.” Just focus on the one word you think of (i.e. building) and come up with a blog post title.

The best part is that since you are in the local mall, your mind will think of several of those pull-words, if you focus on thinking about those pull-words. Any product you see in any store can help you come up with a new blog post idea.

Now that you are a pro brain dumper who can crank out tons of blog posts, the next thing to do is learn how to market your content with the help of the Content Marketing Academy.

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