Have you ever wandered through the magazine section at a Barnes & Noble? It can be a real eye-opener when you see the amount of periodicals dedicated to say, women’s fitness or antique guns. It’s like, who knew? 

A similar surprise might await the person who steps into the world of blog writing services. First of all, yes, they exist. And there are lots of them.

blog writing services

In fact, the blog, once primarily a vehicle for personal, confessional style diaries, has evolved into one of the most powerful brand-building tools available. At this point, content marketing without blogging is like a pierogi without stuffing – empty and bland, yet many companies hold back from building a blog. They do so for many reasons, including financial reasons, lack of a coherent brand voice, and a quite natural fear of the work and commitment involved in blogging. Few things are more dispiriting online than a dead blog that nobody has tended for a couple of years.

With the right plan, however, creating and maintaining a vibrant, engaging blog is easier than you may think. And once you establish a blog and it finds its groove, you’ll wonder what took you so long. Granted, blogs may not get the attention that social media platforms do at the moment, but the fact is, blogs were the forbearers of social media, and they do things that social media can’t do. If you’re still deciding whether to hire from within or outsource the work, start here. But if you’re seriously considering using a blog writing service to launch and sustain your blog, here’s what you should know.

How Much Do Blog Writing Services Cost?

It all depends on the quality of the writing you’re looking for, but here are some good rules of thumb:

* For content marketplaces, you’ll pay anywhere from $20 to $200 per article. 
* For content agencies, you’ll typically pay a monthly retainer (costs vary greatly) that gets you a certain amount of content.
* Independent freelancers might charge between 2 cents and 30 cents per word, so between $6 and $90 for a 300-word article.
* Copywriting services will provide basic articles for anywhere from $5 to $30 apiece.

Blogging is a shining example of getting what you pay for. A decade ago, perhaps you could have talked a desperate freelancer into writing your blog posts for a couple of bucks each, as long as you were willing to put up with atrocious grammar, spelling mistakes, and work that may or may not have been original. If you were lucky, you found a blogger who could string together good sentences and would work at a low pay rate, but today those bloggers are more likely to know their worth and be paid accordingly.

The price range for blog posts is nearly as wide today as it used to be, but the difference is that businesses (and bloggers) are aware of the caveats. Most businesses that hire a blog writing service know better than to expect aesthetically beautiful, engaging posts for just a couple of bucks.
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choose your blog writing service carefully
Today’s blogs are written on the internet rather than on the garage floor.

Of course, the other extreme exists too. You could pay a couple hundred dollars per blog post, and there are blog writing services that are happy to convince you that anything less than a premium price will get you something that looks like it was slapped together by an 8-year-old.

When it comes to business blogging, the bargain-basement content sweatshops and the snooty producers of expensive bespoke content are fewer nowadays. Most businesses realize that it’s going to take a minimum of $25-$30 per post to be able to demand excellent quality, but that $250 a post is really only reserved for major projects, like downloadable eBooks, infographics, and extended blog posts.

What are the Differences Between the Leading Companies?

* Writing Quality: Are you getting Pulitzer or Puh-leeze?
* Cost: Remember, you get what you pay for.
* Customization: Will they tailor their services to your needs?
* Idea Creation: Some services will create the ideas for the articles, as well as write them.
* Responsiveness: Do they talk to you? Respond quickly to emails?

Just as prices for blog writing services are all over the map, so are the characteristics of the companies providing those services. Some contract with freelancers to keep costs down, while others have their own stable of writing talent to call upon. Some blog writing services keep a finger on the pulses of SEO and social media sharing trends, while others are solely about getting the words to you ASAP. Some let clients request edits, while with others you take what you get.

Blog writing services may also offer services other than blog writing that help ensure that the blog posts they produce for you will be seen by as much of your target audience as possible. They keep up with search engine changes and what they mean for SEO, and they know what characteristics of a blog post make it more likely to be shared on social media or commented upon.

Finally, there are different levels of service from different blog writing companies. One may send you blog posts in the file format of your choice to do as you please with, while others post content directly to your blog for you, so you can have a more hands-off approach. Think about the product you want to receive before choosing a blog writing service and make sure the provider you select offers that product. If they don’t, chances are another service does.

Do They Have Their Own Content Team?

content writing team
Does your blog writing service understand the value of having an all-star content team?

As mentioned earlier, contracting with freelancers can be a good way to keep costs to a minimum, but you’re really rolling the dice as far as the quality of the product you receive. Blog writing services that have their own content teams may cost more than the ones that outsource your projects to the lowest bidder, but the extra expense is worth it for several reasons.

For one thing, a blogging service that has been around for any length of time knows that if they find an outstanding blogger, they should do what they can to keep them available, and that typically includes paying them more than a couple of cents per word. The blog writing service with its own content team also gets to know each writer over time and can match up the client with the writer with great precision. The writer who used to be an attorney might be perfect for the law firm client, and the one with an engineering background can probably explain how concrete countertops are made for the home contractor client.

Furthermore, the blog writing service with its own content team knows who can turn something around fast and who just had a root canal and won’t be up to speed for a couple of days. In short, it’s the difference between flexible, developed expertise and simply going for low price and speed.

What Services Are Included?

The services offered vary from company to company, but here are the keys ones to look for:

* Blog Writing: Um, yeah. We hope so!
* Idea Creation: This lets you leave the brainstorming for article ideas to others. 
* Editorial support: One-on-one advice and support can be crucial.
* Automated publishing service: This means you don’t have to spend time publishing.
* Data Tracking: Lets you see which blogs posts perform better than others.

Knowing exactly what services you want is important when you’re vetting blog writing companies. If you simply want five, 500-word posts on home decorating, delivered in Word files every Friday morning, make sure the service you’re considering offers exactly that. If you’re starting a blog as part of your website’s SEO push, make sure the blog writing service you choose is fluent in SEO and offers SEO services you may need, such as keyword research.

And if you want a blog writing service to deal with everything from developing ideas to writing posts to editing and posting them on your blog, so that you can take a hands-off approach, see that your provider has experience doing this and maintaining a strict editorial schedule. If you’re trusting a blogging provider with handling end-to-end blogging needs, you have to ensure they know what they’re doing, they have experience with every aspect of maintaining a blog, and they’re worthy of having your login credentials.

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Are They Responsive to Your Questions?

Email is great, but it shouldn’t be the only communication channel you have with your blog writing service. In fact, they should offer you multiple communication options, including video calling interaction through channels like Skype or Google Hangouts, phone calls, text, and interactive chat windows. They should work with you. If you want to communicate via smoke signals or carrier pigeon, they should at least be willing to entertain the idea.

And they should be responsive right away. Blogging is by nature something that is fast-paced and updated frequently. Nobody has time to wait three days for an email to be answered about a problem with a blog post. Expect at the very least for your queries and communications to be acknowledged within a matter of hours so you can work with each other addressing the issue with minimum delay.

Do They Promote Your Blog Posts?

SEO team
Content may be king, but SEO is the crown council.

Who wants to invest in blog posts that nobody sees? That’s exactly what can happen if you choose a blog writing service that doesn’t have the SEO and social media chops to promote posts successfully. And it’s not an add-on, after the fact promotion. Promoting your blog posts starts with the idea phase, with topics that people care about and are likely to share with friends. That doesn’t mean click-bait, but well thought-out, well-executed ideas written by journalists and appropriate subject matter experts.

Promoting your blog posts also requires regular communication and the development of a strategy that clearly fleshes out your most valuable client or customer. Furthermore, selection of keywords should be strategic, and your blog writing service should have enough experience to know which types of content attract the right kind of attention. They should have connections with influencers across industries and subject matters and be willing to reach out to the influencers that matter to your business sector. Collaborative efforts with influencers should also be a possibility.

Ask These Key Questions Before Hiring a Blog Writing Service

• How long have you provided blog writing services?
• How much does the typical 500- or 1,000-word blog post cost?
• Does your team assist with idea generation?
• Where do you get your writers?
• Do you have access to a range of subject matter experts?
• How do you handle fast-turnaround projects?
• Will your writers make editorial changes if I don’t think a post is quite up to scratch?
• Does your team work to promote blog posts, and if so, how?
• Can you share some success stories and information on ROI?
• Do you track and report reader conversions?
• How do you stay in touch with your clients?
• Is it possible to try out your services without making a long-term commitment?

Blogging doesn’t always receive the kind of supernova attention you might get from, say, an especially captivating Instagram post, but it does build your brand and establish you as an expert in your field worthy of engaging with regularly. Blogging is to social media what a riveting novel is to the jacket copy. It’s one of the most important tools (we still say the most important) for brand-building today, and when combined with outstanding execution, an SEO strategy, and connections that can rapidly build your online community, the return on investment can be swift and positive.

Find the blog writing service that listens to your needs, speaks your language, and fully understands the power of outstanding content, and you can be confident your blog will make you proud. You can take that initial step right now. Create an account to order three free content ideas and see for yourself why Media Shower is one of the top blog writing services in the world.