Just in case you wind up at the movie theater this weekend, Rings is not a documentary about the jewelry industry, nor does it have anything to do with the Olympic rings, or even rings around the collar (though, Samara, the dead spirit girl that comes out of TVs to kill people, certainly could use some Wisk on her seriously soiled nightgown). This movie is aiming to scare the mid-winter blues right out of you.

What’s great about horror films is they lend themselves so well to pranks that can be turned into viral videos. In the last couple of weeks, the publicity machine behind Rings has pulled off a couple of high-profile gotchas, and they’ve gotten people (like us) thinking about the film. That’s a win.

The first takes place in a “TV store” with one set in particular offering a bit more than 4K capability.

Prank two happened, of all places, on The Today Show. It doesn’t get the same bang for the buck as the first video, but it’s always nice to see something like this on live TV.

If there’s a better form of content marketing for horror movies than these kind of prank videos, we’ve yet to see it.

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