LG’s new 84‚Ä≥ Ultra HD 4K TV goes for $17,000 right now. It looks beautiful both on and off, but would it fool you into thinking you were looking out of a skyscraper window?¬†Probably not.

Your kid’s tuition or ‘The Bachelor’ in 4K: your call.

But a far-fetched premise doesn’t mean you still can’t create compelling content marketing. Witness this ‘prank’ from LG that has gone viral, amassing more than 16 million views in five months:

During a job interview, the interviewees don’t notice anything unusual about the view behind their potential new boss. But when the floor starts to rumble and a burning meteor appears in frame, the concerns about getting hired are dwarfed by their survival instincts. Even though it’s not in English, the dramatic expressions of fear and panic are universal. Now, if only they were real.

Call us skeptics, but this one rings about as true as that Jeff Gordon/car salesman spot for Pepsi.


But hey, we’re not knocking LG or Pepsi at all for this. These ads fool half the people, leave 25% wondering about the legitimacy of what they just saw, and the other 25%, well, like us, they know better, but still recognize an example of clever marketing when they see it.