If you’re an entrepreneur, your brand should extend past your company’s page. Entrepreneurs can benefit from creating a strong personal brand, especially across social media platforms. Having a personal brand unifies your profiles and makes it easier for people to identify you in searches. It also connects your personal image to that of your brand, giving a face to your company.

Your social media profiles are what people will associate with you, and in turn, your brand. Entrepreneurs should work on curating their social media profiles; this is not to say they can’t still have a personal life, but rather that their personal persona online should align with the values they want their brand to represent. One easy way to strengthen your brand is content marketing.

Your brand message is vital for content marketing.

Your brand message is vital for content marketing.

Content Marketing Meets Personal Branding

What does content marketing have to do with your private Facebook profile? The content you share on your profile can come to represent your brand. For example, if you’re the CEO of a company that makes an environmentally-friendly product, on your personal Twitter you might share articles about the environment. This shows that you as an individual value the same things your company strives to represent. It also gives people incentive to follow you on social media, especially if they support your company’s missions.

Sharing Is Caring

By providing interesting content that is relevant to your personal brand, you make your social media pages must-read destinations for your followers. It’s the same concept as using content marketing on your business’s blog: using stellar content to captivate readers and connect them to your brand. Promoting your personal brand will also likely strength your company as well.

Share your content.

Remember to share your content.

Try Writing Your Own Content

While sharing links on your social media profiles is great, your personal brand will be ever better if you write your own content! Think about what views are unique to you and write content tailored to your own personality. On your business’s blog you may need to stick to certain company policies, but your personal websites can have a bit more flair. Content marketing is often about selling a product, but in this case, the product is you. Make sure your content showcases that by providing your own insights.

Be Personal, But Remain Professional!

While it may be tempting to let loose on your social media accounts, remember that these accounts stand as a representation of you as a professional. If you don’t want people seeing certain things, make sure your account has privacy settings. If you’d like to have a personal brand while keeping a private life, consider setting up a page rather than a Facebook profile. For example, if you are an author you can make an “author” page to keep readers up with your writing pursuits and leave out pictures of your kids, family vacations, or dinner that night. Unless of course, you want those things to be part of your brand! Furthermore, make sure that your personal brand is professional and inoffensive. You do have the freedom to showcase your own thoughts and feelings, but you should be careful about turning away potential customers. Therefore, it’s probably best to keep polarizing views off your personal website.

Having a strong personal brand comes to having unified content on your social media pages. Someone should be able to look at your Twitter or Facebook and know exactly what you are all about; and as an entrepreneur, you are also representing what your business is all about. So, think about the different content you can feature on your personal pages to best represent your personal brand, and get started!

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