There are plenty of changes happening right now in content marketing, but if there’s one entity that can wreak havoc on a marketer’s effort, it would be Google. As soon as you adjust to its latest algorithm and are playing by its rules, Google changes the game.

Search engine algorithms change frequently. Can you keep up?

You don’t need to be a programmer or tech head to understand how Google’s algorithms affect your brand’s ranking online, but having at least a rudimentary understanding of how these changes work is essential.

Back Up; What the Heck IS an Algorithm??

I got ahead of myself there. Sorry about that. Let’s start by understanding what an algorithm is.

An algorithm is a set of rules that Google creates to better determine which websites are worthy of ranking higher in search results. The search engine company is dedicated to continually updating these algorithms to ensure that spammy sites never sit up high on the list, and that worthy, content-rich websites do.

Google’s frequent algorithm updates are a bit like earthquakes. Most of the time, they’re tiny tremors that nobody feels. But occasionally, they shake the core of the marketing community. Websites that previously ranked high are tossed back pages, and no one is really sure why. Google doesn’t make a point of publishing its criteria for top-ranking sites, so marketers are left scratching their heads.

So What Should I Do The Next Time There’s an Update? Panic?

Actually panicking – or even taking action – is the last thing you should do. Recently, there appeared to be an unannounced algorithm update that demolished traffic for many websites and destroyed many brands’ search rankings. But what can brands do? Without knowing what Google was thinking, businesses have no choice but to just cope.

These updates happen more frequently than most people realize, and it does no good to take action. In fact, usually rankings and search traffic right themselves within a few weeks, assuming you’re using white hat strategies for SEO (meaning you’re not trying to game the system and you focus on creating relevant content). So while you might be freaked out that your traffic took a nosedive, the best thing you can do is wait it out.

Expected Trends for 2017 Google Algorithm Updates

Keep your eye out for these trends.

While we don’t have a crystal ball to see the future for these updates, we can make a few assumptions.

First, the focus will continue to be on relevant links. If you link to other sites or articles on your website or blog, make sure they’re highly relevant. Google will likely only get pickier about those links.

Content, too, will continue to be scrutinized by Google. If you’re writing content to your audience and covering topics that they’re searching for, you’ll be fine. Keep publishing a steady cadence of new content, because Google likes that.

If you’re continuing to strive to improve your web copy and content, you should be unaffected by Google algorithms. But it never hurts to work with a marketing company who stays on top of the latest changes so that, should you need to shift directions with your SEO strategy, it’s easy to do that.

Google will do what Google is going to do. Don’t let the fact of its frequent mood changes send you into a tailspin.

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