The use of content marketing, when say, promoting a movie, can sometimes be a snap. From imaginative websites set in the film’s fictitious universe, to having your star tour the country in character for two months, there are numerous ways to entertain your audience while marketing your movie as well.

But what if, instead of making movies, you make bath mats? Or sell pens? Or handle accounting for senior citizens? No offense to our foot-drying, ink-splashing, old timer-helping peers out there, but these industries aren’t likely to get anyone’s heart racing. So how do they use content marketing? Today we take our first swing at a new regular feature, Good Content in Boring Industries, with a look at the white-knuckle world of…

                                                                                          Auto Financing!

I know, I know… we should’ve warned you with a NSFW warning so you didn’t get totally turned on by this titillating topic, but we wanted to see the look on your face when you saw those insane balloons above—sexy stuff, right?

OK, as we turn off the sarcasm faucet now, we must admit that auto financing might actually take a backseat to bath mats when it comes to compelling content. Pretty much any industry that deals in heavy paperwork and number crunching is going to be situated within a 20-mile radius of snoozeville. But we found one great piece of content marketing within the industry that’s effective and easier to get than comprehensive coverage for a Kia: the car loan calculator.

Even when you’re actively looking for a loan, the process of getting one is not stimulating. It’s often complicated, and for those of us who scraped by Algebra with a D+, the thought of next-level math skills coming into play is downright scary. But the car loan calculator makes all the pain go away.

A new or used car is a massive purchase, and darn tootin’ you wanna make sure you carry the 2s and whatnot when figuring out your figures. A car loan calculator like this one on the website simplifies the process, showing you how much your monthly payment will be based on the other variables in the equation. It can also show you the effects of adding extra payments to your auto loan.

Ingenious? No. Valuable? Heck yes. And it’s the kind of thing that will quickly earn a bookmark from a car shopper. It’s useful content for the consumer, and it’s an excellent piece of marketing for Federal Auto Loan.

And now, please pardon us, as we need to check on the status of our bath mats.