Today, more than ever, consumers have a vast array of choices for the products they purchase and the companies they purchase them from. With a near-constant bombardment of advertising, making your brand stand out can seem impossible.

Internet marketer Roshan Joshi says this is where informed, thoughtful branding decisions are key.

“Make sure you communicate your values well,” he says. “Whether online or offline, such brands prevail over time.”

Roshan recently checked in with us to offer his insight on best practices for online marketing in an increasingly competitive market. 

Tell us about your professional background and areas of expertise.

I help companies of different sizes, mainly SME brands, with online marketing strategies. Areas of expertise are SEO and paid advertising campaigns (PPC).

What excites you about online marketing today?

The fact that being online is part of daily life for users. This is especially true with the fact that there are as many mobile devices as people in the world – most of whom would be online sooner than later. Online shopping, for example, is being preferred to offline shopping by new generations. Because of the reach, transparency and innovation in the sector, it is more customer-centered than ever. Which is exactly how marketing is supposed to be.

What components do you think all small business owners should include in their online marketing plan?

Don’t just follow all the trends, but make sure to bet on trends that are timeless. User experience and adding value to the customer are something that will always be there. Search will continue to evolve and get more personalized as more mobile devices and social networks get connected everywhere.

What strategies seem to offer the best ROI?

Using data to good effect.

A holistic marketing approach works better than separate campaigns in many cases. For example, integrating paid advertising with the social network of the consumer will have better ROI rather than a standalone bombarding of ads.

What online marketing tactics do you think are overused or ineffective?

Many of the SEO tactics are outdated (they were never in, as a matter of fact). Depending on only one traffic source can be ineffective, too.

What digital marketing tools or innovations are you most excited about these days?

With intelligent innovations such as wearable devices, users might not even need to search for information in the future. It might be just there without even being asked for. That’s a lot to think about for marketers.

What habits should business owners get into to better manage their online reputation?

Online tools offer a direct way to connect with consumers and their issues in real-time. There’s nothing better than an owner who knows their customers’ problems.

What do you think are some of the quickest ways to ruin your brand’s online reputation?

Not choosing the right platform for discussions, especially when things get out of hand. For example, for genuine negative reviews, make peace immediately and improve. For false negative reviews, report and explain to others immediately.

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