Jason Hancock is Director of Marketing at MyBullfrog.com. His insight on the mobile technology field is valuable in not only choosing the right phone and apps, but also to see where this constantly changing field is going in the future and how this dynamic company is going with it. He recently took the time to chat with us about mobile technology and what the future may be bringing in this field.

Describe the atmosphere of MyBullfrog.com – what makes your company special?

Customer service is first and foremost of all our actions. Our mission is to focus all of our talents and energies around the most important people we will ever meet – our customers. We work daily to earn their trust and respect by exemplifying the true spirit of service and a quick willingness to do what is right.

What has helped in the growth of the company – from the one customer / one phone at a time to over 100 successful stores today?

It is a feeling of “can do.” No matter if you are in one of our locations, our individual departments or the corporate headquarters, you meet a team of people who love to make things happen. In our stores, the willingness to go the extra mile and ensure customer satisfaction sometimes takes us out of the realm of the normal customer service levels you would expect. When you have a team out there putting themselves on the line for our customers, working late nights and weekends to help support the team is part of the job, the great thing is we all are there to help each other succeed.

What role does your website play in the success of MyBullfrog.com?

Our website is absolutely vital to the success of our company. Even though we are a brick-and-mortar retailer, the commerce landscape has changed and we would be at a serious disadvantage without it. Consumers these days are completely different than what you would have seen even five years ago, and how they (consumers) find and research the products we sell relies almost completely on information accessible through the web.

What do you envision the future bringing us in technology, especially mobile technology?

Connected devices and cross platform communications is the future. We are already seeing it commercially, where people are controlling their home security and smart appliances from their phone. There are all sorts of applications here when you begin to think about it. The phone simply becomes your personal device that holds all your personal preferences and access points. Your car, office, home or public buildings that are enabled connect and adjust to the personal settings controlled and communicated by your mobile device.

What changes have you witnessed in the recent past regarding your mobile users? Ages of youngest users? Older users?

I would say the ages of our users are always expanding in both directions as the day-to-day uses become more mainstream. Our younger users are so advanced it is mind blowing; I mean, here is a generation of kids who don’t know anything different than using iPads, applications and streaming video; it is second nature to them and they are able to navigate and use these devices effectively. We see children ages 6 to 8 years old with devices and using them daily in school to learn on and stay connected with their families.

For our older generation users, it really comes down to what makes their life easier and adds value. Before, mobile used to be a hassle they didn’t need or want to learn. Now the operating systems are so user friendly that learning basic functionality is generally intuitive. Where the main drive comes from for the user base that is 60+ years of age to get involved in mobile really depends on their personal lives. We do see a lot of video-calling-capable devices (Facetime, Skype, etc.) getting really popular with this age segment because it is so much better when staying in touch with family and friends. You get to see them and receive their body language versus just a voice on the phone. It is much more powerful. I can foresee the medical field really helping drive mobile usage into even much older group of say 70 to 90 years of age when home nursing, medical consulting and doctor visits can be done electronically instead of having to travel. We are already seeing the medical industry making moves in this area.

What’s the simplest advice you can give someone deciding on their first phone?

Use what feels good to you, and try a couple operating systems before purchasing. Take the time to talk to a qualified wireless professional and tell them about your day-to-day life; they should be able to recommend a good system that will fit your needs. Don’t just buy a phone because someone told you it is the best. Everyone is different, and their needs are different. Also, don’t get intimidated by a phone or its capabilities. The devices these days are amazing and almost unlimited in what they can do. Doesn’t mean you have to know it all; just start with the basics and your main uses. The rest will come.

What do you think everyone should have on their phones?

A protective case, a good security lock and insurance protection. These things become an important part of your life, and they will hold so much valuable information. Make sure you are protected.

What’s the most fun thing about your job?

Mobile phones have an effect on us all, so it is amazing that we can touch such a large base of people through talking about and communicating common issues we see in our stores. In helping provide information, we can lead people to the solutions they are looking for or didn’t know was available. When we hear that we helped someone with an issue they have been experiencing it is great to know we made an impact.

You can find Jason and mybullfrog.com on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.