Matt Banner started using Blogger 10 years ago, learning the ins and outs of the blogging industry through trial and error. Since then, he’s helped build and grow more than 5,000 blogs.

The Head Honcho at On Blast Blog recently checked in with us to offer his advice on launching a successful blog.

Here’s what Matt had to say:

What’s the first thing every wannabe blogger should do before building their site?

Carve out the niche they are most passionate blogging about. It’s crowded out there but you can still make a name for yourself by blazing your own trial.

What considerations should we make when choosing a …

… Domain name: Choose a name that’s catchy and rolls off the tongue. Consider your brand when choosing a domain name.

… Host: Affordable but reliable. Personally, I use Web Hosting Hub and BlueHost.

… Blogging platform: WordPress. There’s just no other way around it.

How should we approach designing our site? What are some dos and don’ts?

A few things I like to do is to find competitors and related websites to gather design elements. Then, I sit down and piece together what fits with how I want to present my content. I’ll try and find a WordPress theme that pretty much fits what I have in mind. If there isn’t a matching theme, I’ll use a network such as Upworthy to find a designer and developer to help me build the website of my dreams.

What are good habits bloggers should get into when it comes to posting content?

Make an impact with your words each time. Don’t write just to write, do it with a clear purpose and try and deliver exactly what a reader would want to digest to keep them coming back for more.

What are some of the smartest ways to promote a blog? What are your favorite tools?

Good ol’ Google and Gmail. I use Google to find relevant blogs and I use Gmail to get in touch.

What are the biggest reasons a blog fails to grow?

Lack of consistency because they usually give up when they don’t see results after five months.

What are the hardest lessons you’ve had to learn about launching and maintaining a blog?

Rolling with the punches. When things don’t go accordingly to plan, the best mentality is to just keep pushing forward.

What are your biggest blogging pet peeves?

Grammatical issues and lack of promotion. The ultimate pet peeve is when someone will attempt to promote their blog when it has grammatical errors.

What are some of your favorite blogs? What do you think makes them great?

Zen Habits, Entrepreneur on Fire and, of course, On Blast Blog. What makes them great is that they all have their own personal touch, which creates a unique experience each time.


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