Have you ever thought hiring a ghostwriter?

When would hiring a ghostwriter be right for you?

The fact is this: It’s all about how much you value your time.

You know how busy you are, and while most business owners know how important quality content can be for their business, not all of them have the time to focus on it. In those cases a ghostwriter might be exactly what you need.

To learn more about when to hire a ghostwriter, Media Shower spoke with Alex Valencia, co-owner of We Do Web Content.

When should you hire a ghostwriter?

Smart business owners will hire ghostwriters when they wish to devote their time and energy to running a successful business. What business owner has the time to learn the best practices of web writing, search engine optimization, researching keywords and topics, and writing and editing?

What are the benefits to hiring a ghostwriter? What is the value to a business owner?

A reputable content provider brings knowledge, experience and speed to the table. Business owners don’t have to worry about training the content provider in the art of writing for web and the tactics that will get their content noticed online. Most times, the content provider can also provide marketing insight on how to best communicate with their target audience. In all of these ways, clients benefit from hiring a ghostwriter.

When writing content for other clients/businesses, how do you ensure that your work matches their philosophy and desired tone of voice?

A reputable content provider will meet with clients two to three times before he or she begins writing for their businesses. Often, clients don’t have a strong sense of what their voice should be because they haven’t nailed down their philosophies or what makes their businesses unique. However, the initial conversations between the content provider and the client usually lead to a wealth of information that was lying just beneath the surface. The content provider now understands the business’ goals, what it stands for and how to properly convey its message to the public. Of course, the content provider should review his or her first piece with the client to ensure the tone is spot on. If it is not, the content provider should tweak the language accordingly.

What are the challenges to writing for the target audiences of other businesses and how do you conquer them?

When you dedicate the time necessary to fully understand a business’ audience – no matter the industry, product or service – and what their wants and needs are, you shouldn’t face too many challenges. However, when you do, you will be able to identify your failures and successes as they relate to content by keeping track of your client’s website’s analytics and social media insights.

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