Between yoga mat chemicals in the bread (no longer, though) and the heinous crimes of former pitchman Jared Fogle, Subway hasn’t had much to smile about in recent years. But that’s changed with the company’s sponsorship of Conan on TBS.

It’s one thing to run a 30-second spot during the breaks, but Conan O’Brien and his talented comedy team have turned their sandwich plugs into outright skits, with more product mentions than there are meatballs in those little metal containers behind the container.

Take this clip, for example:

That’s three minutes of shilling for Subway’s Footlong Sub of the Day promotion, and yet there’s probably not one Conan fan who didn’t enjoy the shenanigans.

But the Subway servitude didn’t stop there. Because a studio audience member got a little too comfy during the skit, Conan’s production team had to digitally remove him from the episode, and that resulted in even more focus on the skit:

Funny stuff, and a double helping of comedy content marketing for the sandwich chain.