Yes he can.

Well, kinda.

The Microsoft co-founder, kazallionaire, and renowned philanthropist made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently to promote he and his wife Melinda’s sixth annual letter from their foundation, located at It addresses the efforts to save lives and cut poverty. Important stuff, right? Profound, meaningful, hero-like stuff. But, not necessarily a real attention-grabber—especially in this instant gratification era.

So, with the apparent help of Jimmy Fallon’s production team (or maybe Bill still has connections in Redmond), Gates aimed to grab some publicity for his anti-poverty message with a viral video.

Yeah, pretty tepid as far as viral videos go. But the good news for Gates and his foundation is that it has brought more awareness to his cause. As of this posting, the video has registered 1.1 million views on YouTube.

Now, Bill, about that blue screen of death…