Sometimes you just know, ya know?

Call it a hunch, a premonition, or what we’re calling it: an undeniable testament to the towering intellect Media Shower writers possess on sports and pretty much everything else.

No matter how you frame it, we know this much: the Denver Broncos will beat the Carolina Panthers and be crowned Super Bowl 50 champs.

Need some convincing? Here are three of our writers making an ironclad case:

Marcus Whelchel: Pundits and fans are getting it all wrong. The Broncos will hoist the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl 50, guaranteed. Why? Because one of three things will happen:

Trailing by 6 with 2 minutes to go, Peyton Manning will be called away for an emergency Papa John’s commercial. John Elway will descend from the owner’s box and orchestrate a game-winning drive in his designer suit.

After scoring an early touchdown, Cam Newton will get carried away and dance all the way to Haight-Ashbury, where he will spend the rest of the game gyrating to the Grateful Dead’s “Sugar Magnolia.” Without Cam, the Panthers lose their mojo.

The Broncos will distract the Panthers with gifts of warthogs and antelopes and then buck them with their mighty hooves … wait, we’re talking about football here?

In the unlikely event these things don’t happen, the Broncos prevail anyway.

Ruth Ann Monti: Yeah, we’ve heard it: The Panthers dominated the NFL this season while Denver posted a measly 12-4 record. Plus,  Manning turns 40 next month, making him almost as old as the Super Bowl itself. Cam Newton, though, is half as old, a lithe and beautiful 26: the sweet spot age for Super Bowl advertisers. Peyton? He advertises insurance for god’s sake!

Manning will leave his walker and cane on the sidelines. He’ll use the wisdom he’s garnered over the years to stretch out Denver’s possessions and keep young Cameron on the sideline. They’ll run the ball more often and rely on Denver’s great pass protection (second in the league) just enough to make it a waiting game for Carolina. Let there be no doubt: the Broncos will win. And EA Sports agrees with us…

Sam Jordan: Not since the USFL was formed have I felt so strongly about the odds of success for an organization. Why will the Broncos win? There are plenty of reasons:

  • Peyton Manning is likely to have the fewest issues withstanding the depressing music of halftime act Coldplay
  • The Panthers and Broncos will both will give 110% on every play, but only the Broncos will give 111% on three specific plays, one of which will result in the decisive safety
  • We channeled the ghost of Jimmy the Greek and picked against his advice
  • We said so
  • My Final Score: Broncos 5 – Panthers 2

Well there you have it; an unrelenting stream of confidence from the best content writers in the country about the biggest sporting event of the year. We invite you to wager your life’s savings on the outcome, and be sure to thank us in the comments section come Monday!