B2B Sales Email Generator (+ AI Prompts and Examples)

B2B sales email generator

You’re already an expert in marketing, so you know the power of a well-crafted email. Now, writing those emails is easier than ever! In this guide, you’ll get our AI-powered sales email generator, along with FAQs and best practices to help you craft sales emails that convert quickly and easily.

How to Use our Sales Email Generator

Custom-built for sales and marketing teams, our AI assistant will create great sales emails, quickly and easily. Remember: the more information you give it, the better sales email you’ll get.

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AI Prompts for Refining Sales Emails

Once you’ve drafted your sales email template above, here are ready-to-use prompts you can use to polish and perfect them.

  1. Improve tone and style:
    Rewrite this email template to be more formal.
    Revise this email to sound more casual.
  2. Enhance subject lines:
    Generate five alternative subject lines for higher open rates.
    Create a subject line that invokes curiosity.
  3. Boost CTA effectiveness:
    Suggest three alternative CTAs that drive action.
    Optimize the current CTA for higher conversion.
  4. Personalize content:
    Insert dynamic fields for first name and company.
    Create a personalized opening sentence for the [industry] industry.
  5. Address pain points:
    Incorporate solutions to the recipient’s top 3 challenges.
    List benefits that solve the recipient’s specific problem.
  6. Increase urgency:
    Add a line that creates a sense of urgency.
  7. Validate with social proof:
    Insert a customer testimonial relevant to the offer.
    Add statistics that show the success of the product or service.
  8. Streamline content:
    Shorten this email template while retaining all key points.
  9. Generate A/B Testing Ideas:
    Suggest two variables to the A/B test in this email.
  10. Enhance closing:
    Provide an alternative sign-off that leaves a lasting impression.
    Add a postscript (P.S.) reiterating the call to action.

Examples of AI-Generated B2B Sales Emails

Example: Techfluence Marketing Solutions

B2B Email Sales Sequence

Email 1: Introduction

Subject: Transform Your Tech Marketing with Techfluence Solutions

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m [Your Name], reaching out from Techfluence Marketing Solutions, where we specialize in elevating tech companies’ digital marketing strategies.

Staying ahead of marketing trends is crucial in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. That’s where we come in. Our SEO, social media, and data analytics expertise is tailored specifically for businesses like yours.

Curious about how we can boost your marketing efforts?

[Schedule a Free Consultation]

Looking forward to exploring possibilities together.

Best regards,

[Your Name]
Sales Manager, Techfluence Marketing Solutions

Email 2: Follow-Up with Details

Subject: Dive Deeper into Techfluence’s Marketing StrategiesHello [Recipient’s Name],

Following our previous conversation, I wanted to share more about how Techfluence can specifically help [Recipient’s Company]. Our approach is data-driven and results-oriented, focusing on measurable outcomes.

To give you a clearer picture, here’s a case study of how we assisted a similar tech company in achieving remarkable growth.

[Download Case Study]

Let’s discuss how these strategies can be applied to your business.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
Sales Manager, Techfluence Marketing Solutions

Email 3: Final Call-to-Action

Subject: Ready to Elevate [Recipient’s Company]‘s Marketing?Dear [Recipient’s Name],

It’s been great discussing Techfluence’s potential impact on your marketing goals. Are you ready to take the next step?

As a special offer, we’re providing an exclusive strategy session for your team to outline a customized marketing plan.

[Sign Up for the Exclusive Strategy Session]

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your marketing approach with Techfluence.


[Your Name]
Sales Manager, Techfluence Marketing Solutions

Example: NexaPoint Tech

B2B Email Sales Sequence

Sales Email Template 1: Introduction to NexaShield Dashboard

Subject: Enhance Your Network Security with NexaShield Dashboard

[Recipient’s Name],

I’m [Sender’s Name], [Sender’s Position] at NexaPoint Tech, reaching out to introduce an innovative solution that could revolutionize your network security approach – the NexaShield Dashboard. Designed for ease of use and effectiveness, NexaShield provides real-time threat detection, ensuring your network remains secure and efficient.

As [Recipient’s Role] at [Recipient’s Company], you understand the importance of robust network security. I’d love the opportunity to discuss how NexaShield can meet and exceed your needs.

Would you be open to a brief call to explore this further next week?

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,

[Sender’s Name]
[Sender’s Position]
NexaPoint Tech

Sales Email Template 2: Follow-Up with Case Study

Subject: See How NexaShield Dashboard Transformed Network ManagementHello [Recipient’s Name],

Following our last conversation, I thought you’d be interested in seeing the tangible impact of the NexaShield Dashboard. Attached is a case study detailing how we helped [Case Study Company] overhaul their network security, yielding significant safety and operational efficiency improvements.

This could be the transformation [Recipient’s Company] could experience. Let’s discuss how we can tailor NexaShield to your specific needs.

Let’s set up a time for a detailed demo later this week.

Best wishes,
[Sender’s Name]
[Sender’s Position]
NexaPoint Tech

Sales Email Template 3: Closing and Strong CTA

Subject: Ready to Upgrade Your Network Security with NexaShield?Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope you found the case study insightful. At NexaPoint Tech, we’re committed to providing products and complete solutions that align with your company’s goals.

The NexaShield Dashboard is ready to deploy and can immediately make a difference in your network security. As a special offer, we’re providing [Recipient’s Company] an exclusive trial period to experience its benefits firsthand.

Let’s finalize a time for you to start your NexaShield journey. When would be convenient for a quick setup call?

Warm regards,
[Sender’s Name]
[Sender’s Position]
NexaPoint Tech

Best Practices for B2B Sales Emails

  1. Personalize Subject Lines: Capture attention by personalizing subject lines with the recipient’s name or industry.
  2. Address Pain Points: Speak directly to your audience’s challenges and present your solution.
  3. Craft a Strong CTA: Use a compelling call-to-action to guide your reader on the next steps.
  4. Add Social Proof: Include customer testimonials or success metrics to build credibility.
  5. Keep It Concise: Limit the content to essentials, making it skimmable while still delivering value.
  6. Regularly Perform A/B Testing: Test variations to understand what resonates most with your audience.
  7. Follow Compliance: Ensure your email meets CAN-SPAM Act requirements, like an unsubscribe link.
  8. Analyze and Adjust: Use analytics to track open and conversion rates, then adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About B2B Sales Emails

What is the ideal length for a B2B sales email?

The sweet spot is between 50 and 125 words for higher response rates. A concise email focuses on the essentials and respects the recipient's time.

How important is personalization in B2B cold email templates?

Personalization is crucial; it can increase your reply rate by up to 100%. Addressing the recipient by name and mentioning specific details about their company can make a significant difference.

What is a good open rate for cold emails?

A 15-25% open rate is generally good for B2B emails. However, the goal should be continuous improvement based on A/B testing and analytics.

How can I improve the CTR (Click-Through Rate) of my emails?

Strong CTAs and relevant content can boost your CTR. A/B testing elements like CTA buttons, links, and layout can also help.

Is it necessary to include an unsubscribe link?

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, you must include an easy way to opt-out. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines.

When should I follow up on a B2B sales email?

A well-timed follow-up can increase your response rate. Typically, sending a follow-up 3-7 days after the initial email is advisable.

How many emails should I send per day

The volume varies based on your capacity and strategy, but 50-100 emails are often manageable. Remember, quality over quantity.

What’s the best time to send B2B sales emails?

Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. are generally effective. However, this can vary based on the target industry and time zones.

Do cold emails work for B2B?

Yes, when executed well, cold emails can yield high ROI. They remain one of the most cost-effective methods for lead generation in B2B.

How do I prevent emails from my templates from going to spam?

Make sure you're following CAN-SPAM guidelines and avoid spammy language. Use verified email servers and personalized, relevant content to improve deliverability.

Protips for B2B Sales Emails

  1. Subject Line Impact: Grab attention quickly. Use curiosity or benefit-driven subject lines that speak to the recipient’s needs.
  2. Email Personalization: Stand out with customization. Use dynamic fields to insert the recipient’s name, title, or personal information.
  3. Clear CTA: Direct reader action. Employ a clear CTA to guide the reader on what to do next.
  4. Social Proof: Boost credibility. Incorporate client testimonials or metrics to validate your product or service.
  5. Timing Matters: Send at optimal times. Use analytics to determine the best days and times to send emails for maximum engagement.
  6. Visual Elements: Use sparing visuals. To break up the text for maximum scannability, incorporate a few visual elements like bullet points or subheadings.
  7. Compliance Check: Avoid spam traps. Ensure your email is CAN-SPAM compliant to maximize deliverability.
  8. Follow-up Strategy: Plan your sequence. Automate a follow-up email sequence to nurture leads and maintain engagement.

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