AI Ideas for Data Visualization Businesses (+ AI Idea Generator)

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If you are a busy marketer in the data visualization industry looking to improve the efficiency and power of your products, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve developed an AI idea generator that you can use to increase time on site, improve engagement, and drive more leads and customers. 

We’ve also curated a few AI ideas that you can consider for your business. Contact us to inquire about creating them for your organization or website.

How to Use Our AI Idea Generator

This is a powerful tool for creating AI ideas that can be incorporated into your data visualization website or products. Simply tell it about your business and customer, and let it work its magic. As you provide more information, you’ll get better ideas.

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More AI Ideas for Data Visualization Companies

Predictive Analytics for Data Visualization

By integrating predictive AI models into your website, you can offer users the ability to forecast trends, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions with greater accuracy.

You can create an AI assistant (like the one above) that uses the data it is provided to create predictive insights into future market trends. It will have the power to assess customer behavior and operational performance and empower users to anticipate opportunities and risks.

Intellect2 is an example of a company that is using AI to enhance its data visualization offering.

Personalized Recommendation Engines for Visual Data Exploration

You can train a custom AI to power personalized recommendation engines within your website. This is an excellent tool for marketers who want to show off the features of their product.

Your AI assistant can analyze a user’s data set and then suggest visualizations, data filters, or insights relevant to the user’s specific goals or interests.

Check out Looker from Google, which used AI to create a unified business intelligence platform.

Data Visualization Using Natural Language

Integrating NLP capabilities into data visualization tools gives users the power to interact with data using natural language queries and commands. Marketing managers can capitalize on this AI-driven feature to make data exploration more intuitive and accessible to a broader audience.

Users can simply ask “plain-English” questions (or any other language), describing the insights they are looking for, and an AI-powered assistant can generate relevant charts, graphs, or reports in response.

To see an example of this, take a look at Qlik. Its platform helps businesses leverage data to make business decisions faster.

Data Anomaly Detection and Visualization

Develop a custom AI that can identify data anomalies or outliers within datasets. Let  users upload their dataset, and the AI assistants automatically detects anomalies in real-time and visualizes them clearly and actionably.

As an example, Tableau uses AI to detect and explain anomalies in visualization automatically.

Dynamic Data Storytelling

Supercharge your data visualization product by training an AI to generate dynamic data storytelling experiences that transform raw data into compelling narratives. Once incorporated into your product, you’ll create a robust platform that uses data to tell a story.

By integrating AI-driven storytelling features, you can differentiate your visualization products and captivate potential clients with impactful data narratives.

IBM Cognos Analytics helps businesses discover patterns in extensive unstructured data sets thanks to the power of AI.

At Media Shower, we’re the experts on using AI for marketing. Contact us to inquire about building these AI tools for your website.