5 Ways to Stay Relevant

by Jennifer Leavitt on 07/18/2014

In today’s content market, there is no room for so-so.

Today, the nature of content marketing is ever changing. To stay current, content creators must stay forever on top of the latest trends, styles and strategies. Because marketers are getting more and more savvy, it takes absolute devotion to stay relevant and current, as the bar gets raised by more astute web audiences.

The current online market has no mercy. You either kick butt or you get relegated to the graveyard of crappy content. It’s survival of the fittest out there. Here are five ways to stay relevant with your content marketing:

1. Make it Original and Useful

Of the oceans of content out there, very little is original. So much of it includes blogged analysis and opinion on existing material, rehashes or reposts. Inspiration and sharing are good. Overlap is inevitable, but make sure your content provides something the others don’t. Perform a study, take a survey, chart or graph the data for visual comprehension. Solicit an expert’s advice on some element of the topic that has not been covered elsewhere. In short, always make sure you’re providing something new, original and useful or entertaining.

While many users have short attention spans, adding the option of more in-depth information may be key to attracting the most loyal, serious and long-term users. Provide the bytes for the masses, but expand for the discerning few.

2. Create Mobile Content First

Today’s users are on the go, but content analysts are learning that most mobile searches are actually taking place on from homes or offices where desktops and laptops are often available.

According to a Compendium infographic, 77 percent are in these locations, yet many web sites have no mobile site at all, or if they do, they are woefully limited.

It might be a better strategy to build a mobile site first, then flesh out a web-based site.

Think like a journalist, breaking a story that no one else has and reeling in your viewers.

3. Practice Journalism

Trained journalists know how to dig up and present breaking stories. The only way to attract users in this competitive market is to do just that. Journalists don’t “just report.” Popular news is delivered in a competitive, engaging way. Anchors may well be the original content marketers, and all creators should sit up and take notice.

4. Engage

How can you get your users to talk back? To interact? To take part? Engagement will be key in content marketing moving forward. Media rich, personalized experiences are becoming more and more important, at least as a prominent option. It’s always a good idea to offer content in multiple formats so that those who prefer traditional, simple delivery will still be attracted to your site.

5. Curate

Old content is just that, old. But it has significant value once it is updated and reworked. Take a written piece and turn it into a video (still linking to the written version). Add updates, a graph, an interactive element, or shorter form pieces of content, such as social media posts.

It’s a tough market out there, but those who stay ahead of the eight ball are earmarked for success.