Love tolerate it or hate it, without fail, Valentine’s Day shows up at our doorstep ever year. But what doesn’t show up every year is a sweet little compilation of some examples of Valentine’s Day content marketing. This year, however, you’re in luck, because while we didn’t know what kind of chocolates you like, Cupid did mention that you like these types of round-ups. We do too. Isn’t that romantic?

Tiffany’s Personalized Valentines

So you’re gonna pull out all the stops and get your lady or jewelry-loving man something from Tiffany & Co. Way to go! You didn’t need groceries this month anyway. But before you reach for that credit card, Tiffany has something — brace yourself — free to give you. On Tiffany’s Facebook page, the company offers an app that lets you create a personalized Valentine for your honey. The customization options are pretty slim — choose one of two characters, one of four hairstyles, etc. — but the artwork is stylish and soothing. And again, it’s free. And it’s from Tiffany’s.

Kraft and Ted Williams Record Your Love Tweets

Remember Ted Williams? No, not the Red Sox slugger; the homeless guy who rose to fame thanks to his golden voice. Kraft asked their customers to use the #VoiceofLove hashtag on Valentine’s-themed tweets, and from those tweets, Kraft selected 100, with Williams recording a personalized video message for each person. Kraft also donated 100 boxes of macaroni to Feeding America for every tweet, up to 100,000 boxes.

Godiva and Drew Barrymore’s Book

Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate, so it’d be easy for Godiva to offer nothing special for its customers this week, knowing the business will be there anyway. But that’s not the case, as the chocolatier is giving away a free copy of Drew Barrymore’s book, Find It In Everything, with each online merchandise purchase of upwards of $65, or in-store purchase of $50 or more. Wonder if there’s a chapter in there about her desk show for David Letterman?

Uncommon Goods’ Uncommonly Good Email Marketing

Online retailer Uncommon Goods put a little extra TLC into its Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign last year. Opening up the message and reading “Whose heart are you aiming for?” with a selection of relationship types (husband, girlfriend, etc.) made it all too easy to get the shopping started, while the integrated blog posts that showed up when the main image was clicked on was also a nifty move. Hat tip to Corey Eridon at HubSpot for noticing this one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!