"Only two things matter in SEO: great content, and quality linkbuilding."
- Dan Crow, Product Manager, Google Crawl Systems

Don't take it from us. Take it from the guy that manages the Google spider army. This advice, given at the Rhode Island SEMNE conference in July 2007, validates our philosophy: create great content for users, promote it heavily, and the SEO will take care of itself.

It's really that simple.

Content and promotion: the Siamese twins of SEO.

Yet, paradoxically, content and promotion are also the two most difficult aspects of SEO. It's hard to create good content, and it's hard to promote that content well. Few companies know where to begin.

In the following pages, we'll explain our philosophy of SEO, in a way that everyone can understand (even if everyone doesn't agree). Read on, and learn how we and our clients are building a better Internet. Click to continue.