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Internal Bottlenecks (Or, How to Get Your Team Out of Their Own Way)

by John Hargrave on 10/30/2015


At our content marketing company Media Shower, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, and by far the biggest problem we see is internal bottlenecks that keep good content from getting published.

Regular readers of our blog know that the average blog post gets 3.3 conversions. This means there’s a simple formula:


More content = More leads = More customers


As a marketer, your job is to get more customers. Internal bottlenecks keep you from achieving that goal. If you want to do your job well, you’ve got to be vigilant about these bottlenecks, and you’ve got to resolve them immediately.

Here are three of the most common bottlenecks, and the solutions we’ve found to get your team out of their own way… (more…)

Expert Interview: Rebecca Caroe on Mastering Digital Marketing

by Susan Jennings on 10/28/2015

Has transitioning to the world of digital marketing been a slow process for you? It has been for a lot of businesses, and that’s largely due to a lack of understanding. With so many new tools at your disposal, how do you know where to start?

Recently, Media Shower spoke with Rebecca Caroe, CEO of Creative Agency Secrets, who laid out some very simple examples that will help you feel more comfortable with the idea of driving sales through digital. (more…)

How Content Marketing and Election 2016 are Joined at the Hip

by Fiona Merullo on 10/26/2015

As of this writing, there are 19 candidates running for president, and if you haven’t noticed, they’re using any means necessary to advertise their respective campaigns. Traditional mediums for campaigning such as radio and television are proving to be less effective as technology advances and audience sizes shrink. Instead, many 2016 campaigns are beginning to focus their efforts on new marketing tactics in the digital world.

Social media is the main place candidates are looking to use for marketing. According to Pew research, 61% of millennial get their news from Facebook. This means that millennial, potentially the largest voter group in 2016, will be forming their opinions based on what they see as they casually peruse Facebook. So, if candidates want to reach the millennial voters, they should focus on getting seen and shared through social networks like Facebook or Twitter. (more…)

Expert Interview: Kate Proykova on Digital Marketing for Startups

by Susan Jennings on 10/23/2015

Digital marketing for startups offers exciting new prospects and opportunities for entrepreneurs, but it comes with its own set of problems to master and overcome. Maybe you need to build an e-mail list or a strong social media following, but you don’t have the necessary reach. Or maybe you need to figure out what your audience and prospective customers want, but you don’t know who they are yet.

From keyword research to buyer personas, there’s a lot to master when it comes to digital marketing for startups. The rewards are more than worth it, however, because they give entrepreneurs access to a global audience. We talked to Kate Proykova of the digital marketing firm Hop Online to get some advice on how to construct a digital marketing strategy when just starting out in business. (more…)

Want a Viral Hit? Aim for Quality, Not Quantity

by Fiona Merullo on 10/21/2015

With so many different avenues to advertise online and so many potential customers to reach, marketers are often tempted to sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity. However, there are many ways to market your product without bombarding people with content. Next time you get the urge to make as much content as possible, remember these four tips to achieving quality content first.

You could hire these two to re-enact their famous bit, but it probably wouldn’t be as cute.


Expert Interview: Nicole Kroese on Maximizing Social Media Presence

by Susan Jennings on 10/19/2015

Has your business been losing traction on Facebook? Are you posting the kind of content that produces real engagement? Or is your social media presence more like a house in a crowded neighborhood that nobody wants to visit?

Recently, when Media Shower spoke with Nicole Kroese, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships with Likeable Local, she offered up some value insights that might just take your social media game to the next level. (more…)

How to Write Great Headlines

by Sam Jordan on 10/16/2015

The New York Post should probably not be admired for much, but when it comes to creating attention-grabbing headlines, they’ve always been in a league of their own.

This might be the most famous one.

The Post has always sought to yank the reader by the neck and practically command them to dive deeper into the tabloid. While we find avoiding tales of headless bodies a smart business move, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your headlines stand out and help get your content noticed.

Here’s why headlines are so important: (more…)

Content Marketing Tricks and Treats to Remember This Halloween

by Fiona Merullo on 10/14/2015

Halloween is certainly coming up quickly, isn’t it? While you stress about coming up with a clever and unique costume, companies are also trying to figure out how they can stand out and capture new visitors. But Halloween marketing doesn’t need to be scary. Treat yourself to some tricks your company can follow to celebrate the holiday and become the most popular house on the block!

Tip #1: Carve, don’t eat raw pumpkin.


Expert Interview: Cendrine Marrouat on the Benefits of Social Media

by Susan Jennings on 10/13/2015

Why does your business use social media? Do you use it because everyone else uses it? Or do you truly understand it? Do you see its purpose and value, and are you using it in the most effective way for your business?

Cendrine Marrouat, Social Media Coach, Blogger, Content Curator, and Author at Social Media Slant, recently spoke with Media Shower and offered insights into the right way for business owners to think about social media. (more…)

Expert Interview: Jim Spencer on Migrating Your Website to WordPress

by Susan Jennings on 10/09/2015

Jim Spencer loves WordPress – so much so that he built a business around helping bloggers and business owners move their websites from other platforms to the popular open-source CMS.

So what does he like about it?

“WordPress is designed for writers rather than other platforms that were designed for developers,” says the founder and president of Blog Wranglers. “It is possible to publish without a lot of technical knowledge. There is also a lot of instructional text and videos online along with a vibrant freelance and agency support community.”

Jim recently offered us some of his WordPress insight – from tips for getting started on the platform to advice for protecting your site from hackers. (more…)