Question: What do you get when you attempt to combine Applied Physics and English Literature into one cohesive major? Answer: A puzzle. A puzzle that, through solving, led to the creation of my greatest writing success to date. What I learned from this puzzle has helped me become a better writer, and now I’d like to share that experience with you. Any marketing puzzle can be solved if you put your mind to it.

Gathering the Pieces

It all began in my last semester of college when I switched my major to Interdisciplinary Studies. For those who are not familiar with this elusive major, Interdisciplinary Studies is a program of study requiring you to describe, create and justify your own degree-earning curriculum. To graduate with the degree, students must complete a research class in which a research paper would be composed on a topic of choice relating to the program of study. Simple enough, right?

Wrong. Well, perhaps right for those with a pretty straight-forward educational background. That was not my scenario. To summarize a very long saga of my college career, I was attempting to combine English Literature courses with Applied Physics courses in a logical pairing. After much rumination, “technical communications” was born. I was very proud of my creation, but the pride soon transitioned into fear when I realized what the research paper assignment was: 10 glorious pages about a topic relating to my program of study. The program of study that took me almost a month just to come up with the summary statement.

Brainstorming tactics: traditional and technological.

So I began plotting and searching, trying to first create a subject that would make sense to the department and my fellow students. I was able to come up with a few, but was struggling to find legitimate resources to support my topic subjects (a very crucial aspect when writing a research paper) and was overall not connecting with the material. I had to regroup.

Organizing the Pieces

I told myself to think back and remember why I was in Interdisciplinary Studies in the first place. I had a wide variety of interests that were not encompassed in a single, standardized major. On paper, you cannot get any more polar opposite than the two majors I took and ultimately combined to make my degree. The common denominator was me. Aspects of both called to me in an inexplicable manner, and everything clicked once I zoned in on this fact. I had a topic, I had a way to support it, and I was excited about doing so!

To most, my majors were as mismatched as two different colored shoes. To me, they were both just sneakers that I could wear together.

Locking the Pieces in Place

What makes this incident my greatest writing success was not necessarily the quality of the work, but of what the process reminded me. Nothing is more crucial to producing great content than being invested in the topic in some shape or form. The best way to start is to focus on aspects of your product that you connect with and begin brainstorming. Try alternate approaches to your end goal by keeping the main appealing factors of what you are representing in the forefront of your mind. Any marketing that you create coming from this mindset will come across as what it truly is, genuine. There are few tactics more effective!

Writing about something you believe in comes together as easily as a two-piece puzzle!

Fellow writers, remember to be persistent! Where there is a will, there truly is a way. By writing from a place of true emotion and connection, the impact on your target audience will be substantial. Your content will be memorable and productive, as well as something that you can stand behind 100%.

Media Shower writer Maura Healy specializes in education, home improvement, and travel.

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