Avoid the ocean of click bait that exists on the web and create real, substantial content instead.

What a title, what a hook. That’s click bait for you: the feeling that you’ve developed a catchy, viral, eminently shareable piece that’s bound to draw readers in. That’s what click bait does. It’s designed to be sensational┬áso that it can be the magnet that brings people to a web page or gets them to click on advertising. However, if you’re trying to engage in content marketing, click bait is not the path for you. Here’s why you need to try a different strategy.

Why Click Bait Tempts Writers – and Readers

Click bait is tempting. It’s tempting to readers. After all, who doesn’t want to know that top secret but very simple way to lose 10 lbs. in your sleep without trying? No matter what the content, there’s a provocative heading you could add that will push the truth just a little and draw your readers in.

Click bait is also a siren call to writers who are challenged to bring in enough readers to a site. Whether you’re developing content for your own site and you want to turn your trickle of visitors into a floor or you’re creating content for someone else’s business, you want to engage with readers and stand out in this wide world of written content that comes to the internet every day. Writers turn to click bait to accomplish this.

Click Bait Keeps You In the Shallow End of the Content Pool

However, if you really want to engage your readers and do something different, click bait is not the way to do this. It doesn’t facilitate a long-term connection. The focus of click bait is on a lure, a provocative title or a not-so-deep writing style that will tantalize your readers and keep them wanting more. Instead of using click bait, how about writing content that really educates your readers more deeply, with thorough, well-researched, and longer pieces that connect them to you as a trusted authority?

Want to Build Trust? Create Real Content

The other trouble with click bait is that it can erode trust. It generates excitement, but then it doesn’t always produce. That article about losing 10 lbs effortlessly in your sleep? It’s probably a front for a product sales pitch, and readers won’t be much more educated when they finish the post than when they began. Click bait can feel shallow and sales-oriented, leaving your readers just a little less excited when they’re finished reading the post. Instead, why not create content that gets them more engaged, with substantial and helpful information that builds bridges between customers and your company?

friends checking out content marketing

Some content may shock and surprise, but strive for deeper content to build a long term relationship with site visitors.

Transitioning From Click Bait to Real Content

If you want to build real trust and connection, build real content instead of click bait. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Learn from click bait. That first impression is important, but the follow-through is even more critical to the development of a long-term business relationship. Make a good first impression with your title, then move on to deeper matters.
  • Focus on connection. Learn what your readers need, and strive to become their authority on the topic.
  • Get deeper. Don’t just focus on short pieces. Add longer, more in-depth analyses of topics that your readers want to know about.
  • Develop a trusted pool of writers. Know that your writers are there to create content that is meaningful to you and to your current and future customers. Work with them over time to develop a business content strategy.

As you strive to create content that moves people, contact Media Shower. We work with businesses like your to develop content that speaks to your readers, and we can help you with the challenges of day to day content creation. Request a free content marketing assessment today.