Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences. She authored the international bestselling book “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself on Interviews.”

Have you ever attended a networking event where, upon speaking with someone, you were either instantly turned off or immediately felt the desire to learn more? This is the definition of “magnetic communication.” Just like a magnet, we either repel or attract people through all forms of communication.

The desire to build long-term relationships lends motivation to learn more about how to attract the right clientele. The following five subjects will positively ramp up your magnetic communication.


Communication begins with our mindsets and what we are thinking at that specific moment. Negative thoughts will convey negative sentiments, which will trigger a people-repellent of sort. By training ourselves to think positively, we open more doors and build relationships with ease. It is concentrated focus, belief in success, and openness to new ideas that will stimulate opportunity. The process begins with being open to learning what we can from everyone we encounter.

Take a Look in the Mirror

A helpful strategy is to reflect on your demeanor. Take ten minutes each morning to practice speaking in front of a mirror. Observe whether a smile may be seen, if you have the look of someone who is relaxed and happy, and if your gestures complement your facial expressions as you speak. Incorporating this into everyday conversation will become a habit that serves to attract greater interest from others.


Requirements for jobs today are far more complicated, leading to increased stress and less focus on positive communication techniques. Technology has provided tools to help us achieve more in less time plus enhance effective communication. These tools are designed to cater to those who are collaborating, building a knowledge database, brainstorming, sharing private documents outside the organization (such as with clients or vendors), managing projects, keeping employees connected on a social level, and more. These productivity tools enhance the work experience, thereby motivating employees to stay on the team – and be excited about it.

Online Attraction

All online communication stems from our mindsets. Some people actually sell a guaranteed number of followers for your social media account or blog. The questions become: Do you typically buy friends? And if you purchase followers, how long will they remain followers, and what can they really add to your social marketing, in terms of engagement?

The fact is, to maintain and increase followings, others need to be attracted to you. People need to see a sense of commonality such as an interest in your work or your principles for life. As your effort is acknowledged and you continue to do your best to help communities, more people will be inclined to follow you.


Etiquette coupled with technology becomes a powerful strategy for attracting interest. Words such as “thank you” and “appreciative” enhance your relationship with others, whether written or spoken. At the end of a phone call, email, text or written note, express your appreciation for the recipient’s time. A thank you, clearly stated, develops increased respect because, believe it or not, not everyone remembers to do this.

Using magnetic communication serves to help you stand out in a crowded playing field, attract your desired clientele, and ultimately leads to more sales!