Somewhere in the last five years or so, companies began to realize blogs were more than just a way for weird guys to write about their adventures fighting meth ninjas with a pack of genetically modified squirrel monkeys. Yes, blogs have reached the big time, and any major company worth its Morton’s knows maintaining a good blog takes some work.

After checking out dozens and dozens of blogs of the big boys, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 corporate blogs in America. They range from folksy (John Deere) to inspirational (Google) to highly technical (Oracle), and they may be updated several times a day, or only every few weeks. Check out what some of the biggest corporations are doing in the blogosphere, presented here in alphabetical order.

Company Name Blog Title How Frequently Updated Favorite Line Appeals To
Apple Hot News Roughly weekly The 50 billionth app — Say the Same Thing by Space Inch, LLC — was downloaded by Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio, who received a $10,000 App Store Gift Card People who believe there’s no problem in the universe that can’t be solved in style by an Apple appliance or app
Boeing Randy’s Journal Every few days “Boeing has now finished installing the new 787 battery system in all 50 of the delivered airplanes that required a retrofit.” People who don’t want their airline’s batteries bursting into flame
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Journey At least daily “when you see a Coke can broken and shared like bread, it is both personal and part of something incredibly real and true to the brand” College kids hungry for ways to troll friends at parties by turning one Coke can into two
Deere MachineFinder Every few days “Deere produces four types of Gators: recreational, crossover, traditional, and military… while the other three are primarily focused on getting a job done, the recreational Gator models are all about entertainment.” People who want a recreational vehicle that they pretend they bought for farm work
Dell Direct2Dell Multiple times per day “If your IT organization is worried about how to fight the botnets to bitcoins threats, you needed to be at Dell Enterprise Forum in San Jose, California” Hardware, software, and database enthusiasts looking for a blog that speaks the language of their people
FedEx The Blog Every few days “The helping hands and willing hearts of FedEx staff prepared and packed over 2,500 client meals including chopping 150 pounds of cabbage!” Food processor manufacturers looking for enthusiastic new customers
General Electric GE Social Media Multiple times per day “Need a boost? Here’s a customized cup of coffee from our Barista Bot.” Those who love machines, and enjoy trolling fans of Nikola Tesla
Google Google Official Blog Every few days “We begin each 30-minute class by going through a Qigong series that consists of 12 different positions held for 30 seconds each.” People whose workplace wellness training consists of the old timer occasionally telling new hires to “Sit up straight, ya hump!”
Home Depot The Apron Twice each business day “Make camping glamorous with these glamping accessories” Campers who like made-up words
Intel Blogs@Intel Multiple times per day “If you ask me, I’m not a gamer. I happen to work in a team at Intel that helps games run well on our platforms. But me…I’m not a gamer.” Gamers in denial
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson: The Corporate Blog Every few days “Show your stripes for prostate cancer” People interested in healthcare from a corporate point of view
Kohl’s Fabulessly Frugal Every few weeks “Use coupon code ‘showers’ at checkout for 20% off” (in April, sorry) People who love coupons and housewares
Kroger Organic Grocery Blog Weekly “You can’t get any fresher than vine-to-mouth. “ People who eat fresh, organic foods, or who claim to
Macy’s Mblog Multiple times per day “Whether you’re heading out for a road trip or flying the friendly skies, this portfolio/organizer/case amazingness will make your life easier.” Black belt shoppers and those who have to buy gifts for them
McDonald’s Let’s Talk Every few weeks “Experimenting with prepackaged Hollandaise, which he rejected as too runny, “Peterson combined a slice of cheese with a hot egg, producing the exact consistency he had been aiming for.” Consumers interested in the origins of iconic American fast food items
Microsoft The Official Microsoft Blog Multiple times per day “It’s a next-gen ‘slider hybrid PC,’ which means that it goes quickly back and forth between a tablet and a laptop.” Indecisive people with disposable income
Nike Multiple times per day “The best thing to happen to shoes since socks” People who know an Air Jordan XX8 from an Air Jordan 11
Oracle Oracle Blogs Multiple times per day “It’s a very worthy read if you are evaluating GlassFish” Programmers who know what “Glass Fish” actually means
PepsiCo The PepsiCo Portal Every couple of weeks “The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation has exceeded its goal of reducing 1.5 trillion calories in the marketplace” People who wonder how many Weight Watchers Points are in 1.5 trillion calories
Pfizer Pfizer in Social Media Facebook page updated every few days “At the Guadalupe Victoria Primary School, Pfizer colleagues — including one dressed as a polar bear — served lunch in classrooms to the children” People who didn’t realize pharmaceutical company reps were into cosplay
Procter & Gamble P&G Views Every few days “Every Mom has one – her own little signature act of love that simply speaks volumes. It may be that she knows precisely when and how a favorite blanket needs to be washed to make it soft and fresh again. “ People interested in fabric and home care, as well as blanket washing
Safeway The Official Safeway Blog Hardly at all since January “I didn’t sneak into the bags of [Halloween] candy I bought to give away and I didn’t sneak any of my son Tim’s candy haul, either.” People who know the only way this is possible is if Tim didn’t get any Twix or Snickers
Staples Your Brand Partner, The Official Blog of Staples Promotional Products Every few days “Anyone can drink water out of logoed water bottles. What else can you do with them?” Those interested in marketing using branded products like water bottles, flip flops, and fold-up chairs
Target Target Pulse Blog Every few days “Cheese alert.” Dairy fans who want to know what it’s like to work at Target
United Parcel Service Upside Every few days “Armed only with massive amounts of caffeine and very rudimentary training in what bad ECG cardiac rhythms look like, I spent my nights watching a row of heartbeat monitors for 24 hospital patients.” Those who are interested in technology, business, and the environment