How many social media channels is your business currently on?

Is this strategy helping you grow? If not, you might want to consider a more focused approach.

Recently, Media Shower spoke with Social Control‘s Founder and Chief Creative Officer Seth Silver about using social media to drive business growth.

How can a business use social media to drive business growth?

Social media makes it easier, now more than ever, for brands to build a rapport with their consumer base. A few of the ways that brands can use these channels to drive growth are:

1. Be in constant communication with your fan base by interacting with them regularly. This will help you make your brand seem more personable creating a more loyal following.

2. Be consistently active on your social media channels. It’s essential for brands to post content regularly in order to obtain the growth that they are looking for. Consumers will be more likely to follow and engage with a brand that is active on its pages, and this will help in attaining your brand’s social KPIs.

3. Make sure that your brand messaging is consistent and cohesive throughout all of the social media channels that you are on. Your fans should be able to identify your brand’s voice and vision on each platform.

At this point, there are so many social media sites on the web. Should businesses have a presence on every one? How can they keep up and still have time to operate their business?

It’s not necessary for brands to have a presence on every social media channel, because not all of them are beneficial to building a successful social media marketing strategy. It’s essential for brands to make sure that the strategy they implement for each social media platform they are on aligns directly with their goal and objectives. A company’s target audience will not be active on every social media channel, so it’s irrelevant to develop a social media strategy directed at those outside platforms. By doing so, you would be negatively affecting your strategy and do more damage than good.

On your website, you say communication in advertising used to be a one-way street, but it’s now a two-way conversation between the advertiser and their consumer. How do your clients maximize the benefits of this engagement?

It’s very important for brands to use the power of social media to market themselves to their consumers because their audience gives direct insight into their particular wants and needs. Social media is the only marketing channel that allows brands to have a direct conversation with their consumers, so the marketing opportunity provides a high-value proposition.

Maximizing the benefits of social media means enlisting a great agency partner or building a strong internal team with the necessary external support. There are some amazing tools in the market as well to help brands better understand and funnel the conversation happening in the social webs, so we also highly recommend doing your research to find the solution that will provide maximum benefit.

Do you have a specific story of transformation – a story of one business who implemented your social media advice and thrived as a result?

Due to confidentiality terms, the name of the client in question cannot be mentioned. However, what we can say is that we have collaborated with a Fortune 500 financial services company to steer their social marketing program, and have been very successful with the strategy that we’ve applied. Over the past 24 months, we’ve been able to increase their social media engagement up to 8.9%, and grow their following from 300,000 to over six million through the use of a cohesive social content and paid media strategy.

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