Janice Wald is an award-winning blogger and the author of the One Stop Guide to Social Media (publication pending). She is on a mission to empower bloggers on her site MostlyBlogging.com. We had a chance to sit down with Janice to hear her thoughts on the state of blogging today and how bloggers can make their blogs better.

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get into blogging and blogging instruction?

I was inspired to blog after seeing the movie “Julie and Julia,” which is about a blogger. I was inspired to help bloggers so they could experience the thrill of blogging success I have enjoyed. I also want to empower them to help others.

What are some of the things that would-be bloggers usually don’t think about when they start a blog?

People have no idea how much time is involved in blogging. It literally is like a second job. The typical blog post takes me four hours to produce from start to finish, from research to promotion. I have read that is typical.

What are some of the blogging techniques or tricks that used to be successful but really don’t work anymore?

Some people say page rank is obsolete. Others say it matters, but not as much. Also, when I started blogging I heard bloggers used to be very competitive; and now, not so much. But all of these points are debatable.

Name one easy step that bloggers can take to improve their blog right now.

Install Grammarly. It’s a Google Chrome browser extension. It’s free and easy to use. Mechanical errors make such a bad impression. Another suggestion would be to improve headline writing by using the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, which is also free.

If someone said to you, “To be successful in blogging today, you have to spend a lot of money,” what would be your response?

Honestly, other than the cost of maintaining my site, I don’t spend any money. I use free blogging tools.

For bloggers who have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and similar platforms, could you share with us a few dos and don’ts of social media?

I am on many social media sites. The most successful bloggers give more than they get. On social media, you should share others’ content more than you share your own.

Since you became a full-time blogger and blogging instructor, what have been some of the unexpected perks or joys that you’ve experienced?

I never expected to be so hooked! Blogging gives me an additional reason to get out of bed every morning. The thrill I receive knowing I am helping other bloggers is unsurpassed.

What predictions can you make about blogging for the next five to ten years?

The form will change. For example, video is becoming increasingly popular. Also, more and more ads are appearing on blogs as paper becomes increasingly obsolete.

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