Do you love to geek out over the science of search? Jeff Bullas is with you. Since 2009, Jeff has spent his time developing well-researched, highly-optimized content for his blog. Today, his marketing blog reaches more than 4 million people from 190 countries. He built his blog without a plan, writing out of passion and interest, and he did it while working full time. His curiosity continues to engage him and his millions of readers today as he plumbs the depths of the art and science of content marketing.

Bringing Art and Science Together

There are blogs that examine the art of content marketing, considering how to woo your audience, develop their respect, and get them excited about your content with writing that reaches out. There are blogs that examine the hard facts of content marketing: how you can get your SEO optimized so well that you have an impeccably-targeted niche. Jeff Bullas brings the two together. He’s focused on actionable tips to help you optimize your content and reach out on diverse social media sites.

His blog is all about the useful details. He explains how focusing on pages that are ranked 11-30 on Google’s search can help you push up these moderately-performing pages and help them place on page one. He shows how breaking a paragraph into multiple, high-impact, but shorter sentences can help you develop a high-impact CTA on your site. In one blog, he discusses the importance of animated explainer videos that grab your blog readers and draw them in using engaging visual content. If you’re curious to get an in-depth look at techniques for a specific content, Jeff Bullas’s blog is the place to go for help.

Bullas Highlights Tools to Help You Manage Your Marketing

Jeff Bullas doesn’t mind if you’re new to social media. In fact, he understands, since he started from scratch himself. His blog is there not just for tips, but for resources and tools that help newbies and seasoned bloggers navigate the world of blogging and social media much more easily. For example, he recommends tools like SocialOomph for automating recurring Tweets and automating follow-backs and Twitterfeed to share content from bloggers he trusts. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your social media commitments, visit Bullas’s blog or take a look at his recommended resources, and you’ll be able to get your accounts under control.

boy playing in dirt

Are you a marketing newbie? Bullas reminds us that it’s ok to play.

Bullas Reminds Us of the Value of Play

If you’re starting out in your social media engagement or you’re just beginning a blog, it’s easy to get stressed. After all, your product promotion and audience development depends on your results. What if you’re not a writer? What if you don’t really know how to get to your audience and make your content click? Bullas reminds us of the importance of play. Play is all about experimentation. According to Bullas, as he explored the emerging social media sites, “it was my new sand pit. Playing was compulsory and being serious was optional.” In a constantly shifting world of social media and content marketing, you’re never going to master the craft completely, because the rules are always changing. Instead, enjoy “throwing mud at the wall.” By sending content out to the world to see what sticks, you can find your own rhythm for your blog.

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