One of the best ways to reach the cryptocurrency community to get eyes on your blockchain project is by publishing press releases on the most popular blockchain news media publications and platforms.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places to submit press releases for blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies, along with a free downloadable press release template for blockchain projects.

Best Blockchain Publications to Post Press Releases

Name Description Launch Year Alexa Rank (Global) Number of Backlinks Twitter Followers Reputation Score
VentureBeat VentureBeat is one of the leading tech news publication in the world and is primarily focused on startups. Publishing a press release on VentureBeat enables you to reach a wider investor audience than through blockchain-focused media outlets. 2006 6,170 630,380 711,000 5 5
CCN CCN is a leading bitcoin and blockchain news publication and a great platform to reach a wide digital currency user (and investor) audience. 2013 4,539 521,680 189,000 4 4.5 is a popular platform for ICO press releases as the platform has a massive readership as well as subscribers that blockchain projects can leverage to gain users and investors. 2008 8,491 23,340 392,000 4 4
CoinTelegraph Cointelegraph is one of the most popular blockchain media publications in the world and, thus, an excellent platform to reach a broad audience with your press release. 2013 3,656 417,100 417,000 3 4
Bitcoinist Bitcoinist may not be as large as the likes of CCN and CoinTelegraph, but it has still managed to establish itself as a go-to platform for digital currency enthusiasts. Hence, it provides an excellent place to publish a press release if you are looking for users or investors. 2013 27,403 262,400 47,900 4 3.5
NewsBTC Similarly to Bitcoinist, NewsBTC is one of the tier 2 blockchain media outlets that have been around for a long time. It enables blockchain startups to reach a wide audience by publishing a PR on its platform. 2013 26,567 507,360 35,200 3 3.5
NullTx NullTx (formerly known as TheMerkle) is one of the longest-standing bitcoin and blockchain blogs in the market. The platform regularly publishes press releases which are able to gain traction through the blog’s email subscriber base. 2014 61,922 57,450 37,500 4 3
Coinspeaker Coinspeaker provides its readership with up-to-date information on bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain technology. Moreover, it enables startups to publish press releases to promote their token sale or product offering to its large readership. 2014 66,362 25,850 3,917 4 3
CryptoSlate CryptoSlate is another popular blockchain media platform that provides coverage on current events in the digital asset industry. For startups who want to reach potential investors, it is a good platform to publish a press release. 2017 47,846 15,860 6,530 4 2.5
ICOBench ICOBench is a popular ICO listing platform that also enables startups to publish press releases related to their token sales. The platform has become a go-to source for the latest information about ICOs and STOs and, hence, enables startups to get eyes on their press releases. However, it should be noted that there have been reports of paid-for reviews of ICOs. Hence, ICOBench’s ICO rating should not be taken into consideration when making investment decisions. 2017 37,982 83,160 12,200 1 2.5
Cryptovest Cryptovest is an investment-focused blockchain news platform that has garnered a substantial readership in the last two years. For blockchain ventures looking to reach potential investors, it provides a good platform for the publication of a press release. 2017 66,384 12,690 5,833 4 2.5
Blockonomi Blockonomi is a digital currency blockchain blog that provides guides, reviews, and news. Moreover, it enables startups to publish their press releases to promote their token sales. 2017 61,946 10,130 7,046 4 2.5
Blokt Blokt is a blockchain publication that covers “the latest in breaking crypto news, cryptocurrency guides, and ICO analysis.” Moreover, it enables startups to publish press releases to promote their token sale, product, or service. 2017 100,973 8,540 4,977 4 2
Coinist Coinist is an ICO listing platform that was launched in 2017 to provides insight into the latest token sales. 2017 653,129 23,340 607 3 2

Download the Blockchain Press Release Template

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