Attracting the right advisors for your blockchain project can help you to improve your product and potentially attract more investors.

We have compiled a list of the best blockchain advisors and influencers in 2019 to help you find an expert advisor for your project.

Name Description Projects or Companies Involved In Twitter Followers Claim to Fame Reputation Influence Score
Vitalik Buterin Vitalik Buterin is the founder of the Ethereum network and co-founded Bitcoin Magazine. He is one of the most influential individuals in the blockchain industry and a strong proponent of decentralization. Ethereum 838000 Creator of Ethereum network, co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. 5 5 5.0
Charlie Lee Charlie Lee is the founder of Litecoin and is one of the most vocal voices on ‘Crypto Twitter.’ Litecoin 805000 Founder of Litecoin. 5 5 5.0
Andreas Antonopoulos Andreas Antonopoulos is a leading Bitcoin advocate. He travels the world as a speaker and has authored a range of books on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Bitcoin 471000 Most well-known Bitcoin advocate. Influential speaker and author since the early days of Bitcoin. 5 5 5.0
Nick Szabo Nick Szabo is the inventor of smart contracts and has worked on a Bitcoin-like digital currency before the Bitcoin whitepaper was published in 2008. Many believe that he may have played a key role in the creation of Bitcoin. Bitcoin 229000 Inventor of smart contracts. Worked on early version of Bitcoin-like digital currency. 5 5 5.0
Erik Voorhees Erik Voorhees is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the digital currency space. He is the founder and CEO of ShapeShift and is involved in several other blockchain ventures. ShapeShift, Coinapult 329000 Founder and CEO of several digital currency startups including ShapeShift and Coinapult. 5 5 4.5
Brian Armstrong Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase, one of the most successful digital asset startups in the world. Coinbase 280000 Founder and CEO of Coinbase. 4 5 4.5
Roger Ver Roger Ver has established himself as the leading advocate for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). He operates the publication media publication and mining pool He is an also investor in a range of (mostly Bitcoin Cash-powered) blockhain startups. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, several startups 750000 Most vocal Bitcoin Cash (BCH) propenent. Investor in several Bitcoin startups. Owner of 3 5 4.5
Tim Draper Tim Draper is a venture capitalist and early Bitcoin adopter. He invests in a wide range of blockchain startups through his venture capital firm, Draper VC: Draper VC, Draper University, DFJ Venture Capital 115000 One of the most influential investors in Bitcoin and blockchain startups. 5 5 4.5
Marc Andreessen Marc Andreessen co-founder and partner of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, which invests in promising Bitcoin and blockchain startups. Moreover, Andreessen created the web browser Netscape and was involved in several other successful technology startups. a16z, ‎Andreessen Horowitz 704000 Highly influential venture capitalist. 4 4 4.5
Adam Back Adam Back is a Bitcoin developer and the founder of the Bitcoin company Blockstream, which develops solutions for the Bitcoin network and employs several Bitcoin Core developers. Blockstream, Bitcoin 166000 Founder/CEO of leading Bitcoin startup, Blockstream. 4 5 4.5
Charlie Shrem Charlie Shreem is an early Bitcoin adopter and entrepreneur in the digital currency industry. He ran one of the first Bitcoin exchanges and acts as an advisor to several digital asset companies. Bitcoin Foundation, BitInstant, Jaxx, Crypto.IQ 157000 Influential Bitcoin entrepreneur since the early days. Ran one of the first Bitcoin exchanges. 4 5 4.0
Barry Silbert Barry Silbert is one of the most impactful investors in digital currency and blockchain startups. Through his investment company Digital Currency Group, he owns companies such as Grayscale Investments and Coindesk and has stakes in many more. Digital Currency Group 184000 CEO of Digital Currency Group, which owns a wide range of Bitcoin and blockchain companies. 4 4 4.0
John McAfee John McAfee is a cybersecurity expert and an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin and decentralized technologies. He ran the US Bitcoin mining company MGT Capital Investments and has been supporting/promoting several blockchain projects on his highly active social media presence. MGT Capital Investments. McAfee Anti-Virus 899000 Outspoken digital currency and decentralization advocate. Infamous for his “Bitcoin will hit $1 million by 2020” bet. 3 4 4.0
Daniel Larimer Daniel Larimer is one of the most influential minds in the blockchain industry having helped to birth innovative blockchain projects such as Steemit, BitShares, and EOS. Steemit, BitShares, EOS 36400 CFounder of some of the most innovative blockchain networks including BitShares, Steemit, and EOS. 4 5 4.0
Brock Pierce Through his investment company Blockchain Capital, Brock Pierce is a key investor in the digital currency and blockchain industry. He is also the co-founder of the EOS network. EOS, Blockchain Capital, Bitcoin Foundation 61200 Influential investor in blockchain ventures and co-founder of EOS. 4 5 4.0
Bruce Fenton Bruce Fenton is the CEO of investment firm Atlantic Financial and the host of the Satoshi Roundtable. He also sits on the board of Overstock-owned Medici Ventures and tZero. Atlantic Financial, Chainstone Labs, Satoshi Roundtable, Medici Ventures, tZero 47800 Runs several digital asset companies. 5 4 4.0
Meltem Demirors Meltem Demirors develops digital currency investment products at CoinShares and has previously worked for Digital Currency Group. She also invests in blockchain ventures through her own fund, Shiny Pony Ventures. CoinShares, MIT, University of Oxford 78600 Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares. Previously VP at Digital Currency Group. 4 4 4.0
Tuur Demeester Tuur Demeester is a digital asset analyst and a founding partner at Adamant Capital. He regularly provides analytical insight in the world of digital assets and blockchain technology. Adamant Capital 187000 Economist and editor at Adamant Research. 4 4 3.5
Laura Shin Laura Shin made her name in the digital currency markets as an editor at Forbes covering Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Currently, she focuses her energy on her popular podcast Unchained. Unchained Podcast 109000 Former editor at Forbes covering Bitcoin. Runs popular Unchained podcast. 4 4 3.5
Don Tapscott Don Tapscott is a blockchain advocate, author, and speaker. He also runs the Blockchain Research Institute in Canada. Blockchain Research Institute 111000 Author, speaker and founder of the Blockchain Research Institute. 4 4 3.5
Anthony Di Iorio Anthony Di Iorio is the founder and CEO of Decentral and the popular multi-asset wallet Jaxx. Decentral, Jaxx 31000 CEO and founder of Decentral and Jaxx wallet. 4 4 3.5
Brian Kelly Brian Kelly is a vocal Bitcoin advocate who hosts CNBC Fast Money and runs a digital asset hedge fund. Brian Kelly Capital Management, CNBC 90700 Runs a crypto fund. Host CNBC show. 4 4 3.5
Anthony Pompliano Anthony Pompliano has emerged as one of the most vocal voices on ‘Crypto Twitter.’ He runs a digital asset fund at Morgan Creek and hosts the Off-The-Chain podcast where he interviews leading figures in the digital asset space. Morgan Creek Digital, Off The Chain Podcast 193000 Runs a digital asset fund. Host popular podcast. Very vocal on ‘Crypto Twitter’. 4 4 3.5
Tone Vays Tone Vays describes himself as a content creator, derivatives trader, and consultant. He has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency community thanks to his YouTube channels where he interviews blockchain thought leaders and shares his views on the digital asset market. Tone Vays Podcast, Unconfiscatable Conference 182000 Runs a popular YouTube channel. 4 4 3.0
Richard Kastelein Richard Kastelein is a publisher, journalist, and ICO advisor. He regularly speaks at blockchain conferences and advises a range of blockchain startups. Blockchain News, Token.Agency 4740 Founder of Blockchain News and Token.Agency. ICO advisor, publisher, and journalist. 4 3 3.0

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