During the COVID-19 outbreak, one thing we can all do is communicate well about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus + Communication = CoCo.

We’ve created the CoCo Briefs to empower anyone with an audience to spread positive, helpful, truth-based information — through blogs, videos, social media, and email blasts.

[TWEET]We can all help spread positive #Coronavirus messages to everyone, in the places they consume media, in the way people communicate today. This is how we band together as humans to defeat the virus. Please spread the #CoCo at coco.mediashower.com. [/TWEET]

In this “decentralized media” approach, we all become our own mini-broadcasting outlet, spreading these positive messages to counter fear and ignorance about COVID-19.

You can help these messages spread faster than the virus.
[TWEET]#COVID-19 is the virus, and good communication is the antivirus. Your voice is stronger than you think. Please spread the #CoCo at coco.mediashower.com [/TWEET]

At Media Shower, we’re in a unique position to help. We’re a global media company that specializes in communicating complex ideas — and we are experts in decentralization, which is how the world communicates today. In a word, we understand how to make content go viral.

With your help, we can make these messages spread faster than the virus.

Everything at our new website is free to share. We encourage you to translate it into your local languages, make it accessible to everyone (especially those in need), and find fun and creative ways to pass it on.

[TWEET]Quick Intro to #CoCo: Each CoCo Brief has a primary message, 5-10 messaging points that you can use in your blogs and social media, and various images and memes that can help these ideas spread. Your mission: help these messages spread faster than the #coronavirus. [/TWEET]

We need your help in spreading these messages. We need the initial kickstart — the “boost” — that will help these messages go global. That’s a way that we can all help, whether we have a massive mailing list of 10 million, or a humble Facebook page of 10 moms.

Everything on our new website is also a work in progress. We ask for contributions and improvements, which you can make using a GitHub pull request — and if you want to help, we’re looking for volunteers.

COVID-19 is the virus. Information is the antivirus.