In a perfect world, your website would be like an amazing Kate Upton/Channing Tatum combo: able to attract others without even trying.

kate upton - channing tatum

Does your site look this good?

Odds are though your site’s ability to attract others is closer to say, John Lithgow.

John Lithgow

Nice guy. Good actor.

Not exactly heartthrob status.

But that can change! With just a few simple techniques you can lure links back to your site and boost traffic. Here we go.

1. Create Great Content
This is, of course, the first and most important step to getting people to notice you. Great content can come in almost any form — articles, pictures, videos, tutorials, podcasts, roundtable discussions, guest blog posts, etc. — but there are certain benchmarks it should hit. Ideally your content will have a good title, unique point of view, and be easily digestible. Is it easy to create great content? No. But that’s — LOOK OUT! SHAMELESS PLUG INCOMING! — why we’re here.

2. Build Relationships
When you look more like John Lithgow than Channing Tatum, you can’t expect to walk into a dance club and have the women melt; you need to focus on one girl at a time and build a relationship. In the business world that means networking with influencers — call it “schmoozing” to give your mouth a fun word to say — and establishing legitimate connections. Not getting out of the house much for face-to-face chats?  Start things off with a friendly tweet or a comment on a potential connection’s blog. Not matter how you get there, a symbiotic relationship will always have a better chance of leading to links than a leechy one.


This doesn’t look like networking to us.

3. Interview Experts
As you may have noticed, we’re big believers in talking with people who are really good at what they do. Find us the best street corner hot dog salesman and we’ll write a thousand words on him–and that’s not just because we like hot dogs. Interviewing an expert accomplishes a lovely potpourri of things:

  • You learn from them
  • Your readers learn from them
  • Your subject is likely to share and promote the finished piece
  • You might get a free hot dog (if it’s an interview with a hot dog vendor)

4. Go Niche-Carving
There are certain subjects that everyone writes about: celebrities; sports; politics, etc. This makes for a very crowded marketplace, and one in which a distinctly unique angle can flourish. Whereas a “Top 5 Beyoncé Songs” list would likely get lost online, a “Top 5 Beyoncé Songs for Your Wedding” article would have a much better chance of gaining traction. Carving your own content niche is a great step towards recognition and earning those lovable links we yearn for.


This is Beyonce, by the way.

5. Share and Encourage Sharing
Ya gotta share your own stuff. Gotta. Be proud of it! Only then, once that simple task is done, can you embark on the tougher mission of getting everyone else to do it too. When we interview someone for the Media Shower Blog we always ask if they can help share the final product. In May we chatted with Aaron Wall, the man behind the very successful book-turned-training-program site He then tweeted a link to our site to his 71,184 followers.

aaron wall tweet

Thanks, Aaron!

Put these fabulous five tips into practice and your site will surely have a leg up attracting inbound links.

That’s a Beyoncé leg, not Lithgow.