Influencers are industry leaders who yield great power online, a power so great, businesses are pining to work with them whenever they get a chance. With only a few keystrokes and a couple of mouse clicks, an influencer can expose brands to thousands of people they would never have access to otherwise.

There is a problem, however. How many busy, popular A and B-list internet celebrities will give your brand the time of day? You may be surprised to learn that many top influencers are willing to partner with brands like yours to help them get exposure. And we listed a dozen+ of them below.

Our list is comprised of either influencers we have worked with before, ones we have researched online, and others whom we have heard about from word-of-mouth.

At the end of the article, we also outlined some quick tips on how to get access to these influencers and what to avoid if you want to get their attention.

Let’s go!

Gini Dietrich

Industry: PR / Marketing / Communication

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a digital marketing and communications firm that provides alternatives to traditional marketing communication. She is also the author of Spin Sucks, which is a popular blog and a book, and she has worked with enterprise clients such as Sprint, GR, and Abbott. She also provides professional development for marketing and PR professionals.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @ginidietrich

LinkedIn: Gini Dietrich

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Henneke Duistermaat

Industry: Digital marketing / Copywriting

Henneke Duistermaat is a prolific writer/blogger/copywriter and the founder of Enchanting Marketing. She was featured as one of 11 “digital marketers to watch” by AWeber and named one of “50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow” by Search Engine Journal. She has also contributed to sites like Copyblogger, KISSMetrics, and Entrepreneur and has been interviewed for and She also wrote two popular books, Blog To Win Business and How To Write Seductive Web Copy.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @HennekeD

LinkedIn: Henneke Duistermaat

Email: [email protected]


Kim Garst

Industry: Social Media Marketing

Touted by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers, Kim Garst of is a best-selling author and international speaker. She provides social media and digital marketing education and strategy to top brands like Microsoft, Mastercard, and IBM. She sells products to help brands with their social media marketing and runs live Facebook classes and webinars regularly…and she always does it with a smile.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @kimgarst

LinkedIn: Kim Garst

Facebook: kimgarstbiz

YouTube: brandyoucommunity

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David Meerman Scott

Industry: Business strategy (sales and marketing)

David Meerman Scott is a marketing and sales strategist, and the author of 10 books and three international bestsellers including Real-Time Marketing & PR, The New Rules of Marketing & PR (now in its 6th edition with 375,000 copies sold), and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Newsjacking, World Wide Rave. David helps brands get attention, stand out and get noticed.

Contact information:

Twitter: @dmscott

LinkedIn: David Meerman Scott

Email: [email protected]

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Melinda Emerson

Industry: Small business

Known as the “SmallBizLady,” Melinda Emerson is a 15-year entrepreneur, small business expert and international keynote speaker. Named by Forbes magazine as the #1 woman for entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter, Melinda is also quoted in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MSNBC and Fox News. She is also the bestselling author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months and blogs regularly at

Twitter: @SmallBizLady

LinkedIn: Melinda Emerson

Website contact

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Jane Friedman

Industry: Digital media strategy / publishing

Jane Friedman is a 20-year veteran in digital media publishing and a columnist with Publishers Weekly. She has previously worked for F+W Media and the Virginia Quarterly Review and has been interviewed by outlets such as PBS, CBS, The Washington Post, and the National Press Club. She helped produce The Authors Guide to E-Publishing and runs a successful blog at

Contact Information:

Twitter: @JaneFriedman

LinkedIn: Jane Friedman

Website contact


Bryan Kramer

Industry: Social / Marketing

Known as “The Zen Master of Marketing,” Bryan Kramer, international speaker and one of Forbes Top 25 influencers to follow, is credited with starting the #H2H human business movement in social marketing. His first book, There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H was a bestseller in its category in its first week on Amazon. His latest book, Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy, made the USA Today’s Top 150 Book List the first week of its launch. Bryan is also the CEO of Pure Matter, a social, influencer marketing and consultation company to help businesses humanize and promote creativity.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @bryankramer

LinkedIn: Bryan Kramer

Website contact


Steve Strauss

Industry: Small business journalism

Steve Strauss is a senior small business columnist for USA TODAY, international speaker and author of 16 books including bestselling The Small Business Bible. He runs Strauss Content Co. where he creates content for top brands such as Microsoft, Bank of America and Staples.

Contact Information

Twitter: @SteveStrauss

LinkedIn: Steve Strauss

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Jeff Bullas

Industry: Social media / Digital marketing

Listed as one of Forbes’ top 20 influencers of CMOs and featured on’s “20 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter,” Jeff Bullas draws millions of followers monthly to his online properties. His blog,, provides top-level information on all aspects of digital marketing, and according to Bullas, his mission is to educate people on “How to win at business and life in a digital world”.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @jeffbullas

LinkedIn: Jeff Bullas

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Nathan Chan

Industry: Entrepreneurship

Nathan Chan is the founder of Foundr, a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs gracing its cover such as Robert Herjavec, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and more. Known for his 1.1M+ Instagram followers and an active Facebook community, Nathan also sells products instructing business owners on how to leverage the internet to grow.

Contact information:

Twitter: @NathanHChan

LinkedIn: Nathan H Chan

Website contact

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Brian D. Evans

Industry: Business / Entrepreneurship

Brian D. Evans is the founder of Influencive, a popular blog and international community focused on teaching brands how to generate awareness and leverage influencer marketing. A #7 Marketing Influencer on Forbes, Brian also runs an advertising and marketing agency, BDE Ventures, that was recently ranked #172 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @BrianDEvans

LinkedIn: Brian D. Evans

Website contact

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Kiersten Rich

Industry: Travel

California travel blogger, Kiersten Rich,  at 22 years old, has traveled to more than 50 countries and has chronicled her adventures along the way. She posts for her nearly half a million Instagram followers and on her blog, The Blonde Abroad. Her success has taken her all over the world and landed her in Bali where she co-hosts elite blogging retreats and travel tours.

Instagram: theblondeabroad

LinkedIn: Kiersten Rich

Twitter: @theblondeabroad

YouTube: TheBlondeAbroad

Website contact


Simeon Panda

Industry: Fitness

Simeon Panda is an internationally-known fitness professional and entrepreneur and the owner of SP Aesthetics Sportswear ® and Just Lift ®. Known by Forbes as one of the top 10 influencers for fitness, Simeon has been featured in major fitness publications like MuscleMag, Muscle-Insider, and Fitness RX, and appeared live on TV shows and hosts worldwide seminars.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @SimeonPanda

YouTube: SimeonPanda

Instagram: simeonpanda

Facebook: simeonpanda

LinkedIn: Simeon Panda

Email: [email protected]

Website contact


Lily Diamond

Industry: Culinary

Lily Diamond is a Los Angeles food blogger known for bringing the tastes of the land into her exquisite dishes. She crafts and posts her recipes on her blog, Kale & Caramel, food for all five senses, and also posts for her 54K engaged Instagram followers.

Instagram: kaleandcaramel

Twitter: @kaleandcaramel

LinkedIn: Lily Diamond

Email: [email protected]

Shalice Noel

Industry: Fashion and Lifestyle

Shalice Noel is a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger, stylist and mother of four children. Her blog, showcases her fashion style and lifestyle to her 200K followers where she posts her latest outfits and family stories.

Contact information:

Instagram: shalicenoel

Twitter: @shalicenoel

Email: [email protected]

Quick Influencer Contact Tips

To increase the chances of influencers working with you, here are a few quick tips:

- Get to know them – Don’t contact influencers before you have a chance to get to know their brand. They can spot “fake” a mile away and they respond to brand love, only if it is genuine.

-  What’s in it for them? – If you message them and you don’t yet know how they can get value out of the relationship, you won’t get a reply.

- Make it quick – Influencers are busy. If they see a long, drawn out message, they will chuck it.

- Let them speak – If you contact influencers because you have a product/brand fit, don’t expect them to use your messaging outright. They may not expose their brand to content unless they have a hand in creating it.

Another effective way to get exposure is to request to guest blog on the influencer’s website/blog. I listed some links to guest blogging opportunities in the influencers’ profiles above. Guest blogging is a way to show the influencer your interest and start the relationship off by giving them valuable content for their audience. In return, you will also get some exposure.

Get To It!

Influencers generally aren’t opposed to working with you to help you get exposure. As long as you keep their needs in mind and you treat their brands as careful as you would your own, you can develop influencer partnerships that will boost your brand and help you generate awareness and sales. Good luck!