Joydeep Bhattacharya

Life is short, and with the amount of time it takes to become an expert in something clocking in at around 10,000 hours, not many people have time to dedicate their time to learning a skill fully. Which is why we offer you a bite-sized chunk of knowledge that you can absorb in 10 minutes. Today, we’re chatting with Joydeep Bhattacharya, a man who we suspect
was bitten by a radioactive spider with encyclopedic
knowledge of everything to do with SEO.

Via his site, SEO Sandwitch, Joydeep offers plain English explanations of various areas of SEO along with updates and news on everything SEO-related. What are the important qualities a SEO expert needs? Is Google Plus actually better than Twitter? We quizzed Joydeep to find out.

The About Me page on your blog mentions that you’re a Master of Computer Applications. What kind of work did that involve?

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a 3-year post graduation degree program offered by various universities worldwide. I did it from Punjab Technical University (PTU) in Jalandhar, India. The program deals with preparing individuals for a career in software industry. The MCA degree helped me in understanding the core concepts of computer software and how things work in the IT industry. It provided a strong background in languages and technologies like HTML, C, C++, JavaScript, Core Java, Advanced Java, WAP, WML, SDLC etc.

What kind of background and understanding does your education give you in regards to SEO and internet marketing?

When I started with SEO back in 2008, I was already familiar with the technical terms and HTML usage which the work demanded. My education background helped me grab every new concept in an easier way. I knew that SEO does not require much coding, but still having proper computer knowledge always helped me.

Your blog also notes that you started it as a resource for people interested in SEO and internet marketing. Since creating your blog, has this goal changed at all? Have you thought about trying to make money from it?

That’s a good question. My first aim was to help people learn something out of this blog and this aim of mine hasn’t changed at all. Regarding the money part, I still feel I have a long way to go before I can start making serious money.

Though your site has only been active for just over a year, you already have hundreds of posts about SEO. Do you think this speaks more to your knowledge and passion for the subject, or the sheer scope of what SEO entails?

Yes you are right. It is my passion for SEO that keeps me active and hungry for more knowledge. As you know very well, SEO is a subject that keeps on updating itself so you always need to remain active or else your competitors will win the race. I always try to keep my audience updated by sharing the latest information happening around the internet marketing and search industries.

Your website features a huge and expansive SEO terms glossary. Was that all created and written by yourself? If so, how long did it take?

Yes, it was written by me. I took me around 24-48 hours to finish that.

One of the most popular links on your site is your SEO Interview Questions and Answers—the response to that seems to be really positive. How did the post come about? Was it inspired by anything in particular?

In my early days as a SEO, I used to keep on searching for interview questions but sadly enough, the resources available were often incomplete. Hence, my first thought after starting this blog was to create a resource that will have a complete SEO interview questions and answers section. The response of my audience has gone well and I have plans to keep on updating it on a regular basis.

You seem to be very active on Google plus. As a social media platform, Google Plus is usually ignored in favour of Twitter and Facebook. Do you feel like Google has any advantage over its competition? Are you equally as active on the other platforms?

I am equally active on Google plus, Facebook, and Twitter. I feel Google Plus holds an advantage over its competitors and with the inclusion of Google Plus Ones being included as one of the ranking factors (although Google never disclosed it directly), it is extremely important to have your presence felt in it. People will have to remain active on Google Plus as it can indirectly affect their business presence on Google. Same holds true with Facebook and Twitter. I won’t say it’s ignored but the reason is that people have less knowledge of Google Plus as compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Being educated to the level you are, is there anything you’ve learned that you feel everyone interested in the subject areas you specialize in should know?

I think every search engine optimizer must possess three qualities: patience, creativity, and practical thinking.

I would advise everyone interested in this field to apply their own unique strategy towards promoting a website after keeping the basics in mind. I have seen plenty of them following the same old strategy blindly. A good SEO must be creative and should provide a customized strategy for each and every website. Also, a good knowledge of Google Analytics and Webmasters is necessary. It can take you to greater levels in this field, so don’t ignore that.

Finally, what was the reasoning behind calling your site SEO Sandwitch? That’s a story we think we have to know.

It all happened very fast. At the time I was booking the domain, the name seosandwich was not available so instead I went for seosandwitch. I followed Google which is also a misspelled domain. I knew that a name has matters little if you provide quality stuff which the readers would love to read and share.

Joydeep is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also be sure to check out SEO Sandwitch if you’re looking for SEO and internet marketting news from someone with a real passion and knowledge for the subject at hand.